If she's crazy, will I be, too?

In my years of dating since I got divorced, most of the men I've met have described their former girlfriends/wives as being psychos, lunatics, nuts, crazies, wackos, weirdos, kooks and screwballs. This always worries me, especially since I'm quite a few men's former lover and girlfriend and one man's former wife. Were they now all saying the same thing about me to some babe who's thinking she's somehow saner than I am? I know I have a few personality quirks, but I've always thought they could be considered rather endearing. ...more

What about the following perspective?

If the husband is not all the things you mention ...more

I'm divorced, deal

When I got divorced a few years ago, I thought long and hard about what was ahead — financially, romantically, etc. One thing I just didn't realize is how people would judge me and my kid, even if they weren't aware that they were doing it. ...more

And I wonder why I have this compulsive need to tell people even now that I'm happily remarried ...more

Don't worry, be happy, be gay

It's been a rocky road for married couples lately, what with the Eliot Spitzer hooker revelations, the confessions by his replacement, David Paterson, of his extramarital affairs, the 20-something dalliances of Michigan Sen. Debbie Stabenow's hubby and the rumors that long-married 55-year-old Russia President Vladimir Putin has been hanging with gymnast babe Alina Kabaeva, 24. You have to wonder, just what the heck is going on? ...more

McCain's "inappropriate" relationship

I've watched with interest the swirl of controversy surrounding the revelations that Republican presidential candidate John McCain had an "inappropriate relationship" with a female lobbyist — one who has been described in the media as "fetching" and who is 30 years his junior. Putting aside how Vicki Iseman's position may or may not have influenced McCain politically, the question of what is considered "inappropriate" is one that intrigues me. ...more

You, me and STDs

When Will and Kathryn met, it was like a fairy tale; well, a modern-day one, because Aesop and the Grimm brothers probably couldn't even imagine a story like this. They spotted each other online, attracted not only by their thoughtful profiles but by their alluring pictures. Who knew fortysomethings could be so hot — and could spell and be so grammatically correct, too? ...more

Are they talking about my vagina?

There's been some talk of the world down under, and I don't mean Australia. I'm talking about vaginas — or, as some now call it, vajayjay. Vajayjay? According to last Sunday's New York Times, vajayay — first heard on "Grey's Anatomy" last year — has been embraced by Oprah, who declared: “I think vajayjay is a nice word, don’t you?" ...more

Giver or doormat?

"I really feel sorry for any man I'm going to be with from here on," I said rather cockily to my shrink, back in those ugly pre-divorce days days when I actually needed a shrink. "Why?" "Because they're just not going to get the total me." "The total you?" "Yeah. I mean I'm just not going to give eveything up for anyone anymore. I'm going to stop giving and giving." "Oh, you mean you're not going to be a doormat anymore." Doormat? Excuse me, Dr. Shrink, but that wasn't what I said ... or was it? ...more

The great dad versus great hubby smackdown

There's an odd thing that happens when you get middle-aged. The knees sag along with breasts, skin elasticity goes and spots arrive, eyes need glasses and backs need ibuprofen, lipstick travels away from lips via lines that start to look like ditches and there are wrinkles and pores popping up in places that 30 years ago hosted zits. And don't even get me started on the hot flashes ... Then, at some point, we sorta stop caring about the person most qualified to love and raise your children. ...more

Wild women behaving badly (or at least being naughty)

"Well-behaved women seldom make history," Laurel Thatcher Ulrich says. OK, I get that. As an observer of people, I've discovered that lately, that saying has had some interesting interpretations. ...more

What's wrong with women anyway?

Guys can't figure out women, or at least that's what I hear and read. That's so funny, because we're actually pretty easy-to-understand creatures and we sure know what we're about and what we want— well, at least we know what we're supposed to be about and want. Because everywhere we turn, someone wants to tell us. Welcome to the world of today's woman: — Pilates, yoga, running, triathalons or the gym? You better be doing one, if not all. ...more

... but I wish it weren't true.more