Being the White Mother of Bi-Racial Children

Being an inter-cultural, bi-racial or multi-anything parent is kind of like standing on platform 9 3/4.Everyone else is going by, jumping on trains, engrossed in their coherent lives, shielded by their own communities, realities and conflicts. People who don't live on the border don't know it's there....more
I am with you. I am a mom of what our world calls biracial children. Ever since I was a child I ...more

Have Parents Forgotten How to Host?

In front of me in line stood a harried professional looking forty-something mother, her tween, her teen and her teen daughter's friend.Teen daughter and tween daughter order. Mother orders. Mother pays for her spawn, and ignores the daughters' friend....more
Oh my gosh. I almost cried watching this incident go down. I have never had anything like this ...more