Should we be eating red meat ?

There is always something new coming out in the press or the latest celebrity diet that says we should be avoiding red meat but is there any evidence or truth behind this? Is the real cause of obesity and ill health been hidden behind the red meat issue?...more

Hidden sugar, the hidden danger


Is calorie counting killing us?

In the modern world of fast food and processed meals, it is all too easy to eat 2500 calories and get almost no nourishment from that food. The bodies reaction to not getting what it needs is to crave more. So if we are obsessed with the calories, we overlook the goodness and it’s the goodness that really matters. The fact is that all foods contain calories, but not all foods contain nourishment....more

Are we being lied to about diets and what we should be eating?

Why, at a time when we have the most "light", "fat free" and "low fat" foods on the supermarket shelves, do we also have the highest proportion of women struggling with their weight? I am getting so frustrated that we keep doing the same old diets and regimes and yes maybe they work for a week or month but if they truly worked you would not have to diet again. We are being given the wrong information. ...more
Hello there, Kate! Yes! We are being lied to in a big way. My family has been on a traditional ...more