Stretched: Spreading Myself Among the Kids

  Sometimes there just doesn’t seem to be enough of me to go around. Right from the day when I heard those fateful words, “Definitely two babies,” I knew that there would be tough times to come. Times when I just couldn’t give both children what they needed right when they needed it. Of course, since then I’ve doubled that problem, and now I am stretching my resources between four small people. Sometimes I have reinforcements, but often it is just me and them....more

It may not be the most glamorous job but you are right, it is an important job!


The Idiot Box and Us: Decisions About TV

The nickname "idiot box" well describes how I feel TV and kids generally get along. You plonk a child in front of the TV and all you’ll get is a stagnant, vacant, dumbed down version of what was once an active, bright, spunky, individual. There are so many other, better, things kids could be doing. For a long time I’ve held the view that TV is not great for kids. I still hold that view, but lately I’ve been reassessing how TV works in our family. ...more

That's how we do it! I use TV when I need time to cook or get something done quickly. While ...more

Aussies are blogging and chatting about it!

In my quest to 'get serious' about my blogging this year, not only have I shifted my blog from blogger to my own hosted word press site ( but I have also spent countless hours reading about blogging. I've been especially excited to find Aussie blogs about blogging! Getting some great tips as well as netowrking with some local bloggers has really inspired me to get my new blog up and running and to be part of the community of Aussie Bloggers. ...more