Knowledge is Power, Perspective is Critical, Gratefulness is Profound. Let's Mobilize.

It has been an intense and emotional week, not naming any names, Hurricane Sandy.  I believe in my heart that humans are caring and want to help.  The only actions we can control are our own.  Knowledge is power, perspective is critical, gratefulness is profound.  In the best of circumstances they mobilize people to help others each and every day or at the very least, when disaster strikes.  Disaster has struck.  Let’s mobilize....more

Baby, Baby Not

For a variety of reasons, I perpetually look like I’m about 7 months pregnant. Even at my most svelte, I have a belly.  When I actually *was* pregnant, I continued to work out and was in good shape.  Despite gaining seventeen pounds my entire pregnancy, I looked humongous....more

Pleasant Woman, Interesting Problem.

I’ve been in a Four-Alarm Funk since this happened.  Agony does not bring out the best in me.  I am lucky my family hasn’t put me by the side of the road with a “Free To ANY Home” sign stuck to me.  I’ve been miserable all day, every day – for four months.  No relief. ...more

Will Run For M&Ms

The women in my family sport varying degrees of athleticism.  Some of us have been on sports teams from the moment we were allowed to be, some of us abhor effort and sweat.  Regardless of our levels of inclination and training, most of us can walk faster than we can run.  If you are giggling right now, I know you know what I mean.  Sometimes we marvel at this phenomenon.  Usually twice a year when one of us gets a wild hair and decides to start a running routine, then decides against it.  “It’s so weird....more
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I hurt myself on Friday.  I was a year-round, three sport a year athlete as a youngster and have worked out fairly regularly all of my adulthood.  Amazingly this is my first sports-related injury ever, aside from those blows that landed squarely on the crotch of my ego.  My mother would say my body shook off pain like a dog shakes off water because I am “built like a brick shit house.”  In my life I have leaned more toward injuries related to doing things like driving cars and walking down stairs, activities that I deem very high risk and with good reason.  ...more
OMG. I freak out. I can't be immobile; I go crazy in my head. I usually lay off it as long as ...more

Size DOES Matter, Especially When You're Trapped Under It.

Over the weekend, Chris and Eva and I were at a stop light at an intersection across from a Behemoth of a Vehicular Monstrosity (BVM) with a Christmas tree bungeed to the top.  All appeared normal at that angle, and I smiled, as I do when I see families preparing to deck their halls.  The light turned, and the BVM turned left in front of us to reveal the smallest most pathetic Christmas tree ever, giving the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree a real run for its money.  Chris and I were like “Whaaaaaat” and Eva giggled.  I said “Wow, THAT is a story I want to know more about.” ...more
Thank you, to you as well!!more

There is a place in this world for people who bring the rolls.

I’m not sure at what specific point in time I was deemed a Culinary Liability.  It could have been years ago, when I neglected to put cake mix in the mixing bowl and wondered why the batter was so runny.  Or it could have been during what is now referred to as “Ill-Fated Low-Fat Velveeta Mac and Cheese-Gate.”  Don’t ask.  It was a horror show.   So the holidays are upon us.  My family has get-togethers, to which everyone brings something or many somethings.  My Sister The Organizer and I have this dance that we do prior to each gathering that ...more
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This was written back when people used pay phones. And calls cost .10 cents.

November rots.  Rots like the jack-o-lantern decomposing on my porch.  Or as my 7-year-old daughter would say, it sucks eggs.  I know I’m *supposed* to be all grateful and thankful for each and every particle of air I inhale like everyone else seems to be in November.  But November brings out the spoiled brat in me, the me that wants to have a tantrum fitting a 2-year-old when they aren’t getting their way or want something, complete with throwing myself on the floor, pounding my fists and kicking my feet.  My family has experienced great loss and trauma in November...more
There are stars in her crown, that's for sure!more

I really said “The fact that I was doing the dishes was a freak accident.”

In my last blog post, I told a story of doing the dishes and getting so caught up in the act that I spaced time and place and my daughter missed her dance class. It appears that in the same post, I inadvertently gave my boyfriend Chris a bad rap. I did not mean to make it sound like he does nothing but sit around being adorable all day while I walk around with myself nailed up on the Cross. Although quite frankly, he *could* sit around all day doing nothing but being adorable because he really is. And he is a delightful human in many ways, not just that he is a Domestic God....more

It is just as likely that a Unicorn will walk up and slap me in the face as it is that I will find this thing you call Balance.

Balance just doesn’t exist for me.  Laine Griffin and I just did a podcast about this very topic at   I’m a single mom in the truest form, I am literally the only parent my daughter Eva has in her life....more