Improvisational muffins, drawing, and a messy kitchen

Scraping and smearing, squishing and stirring. This is what we do when my 2 year old daughter and I make muffins. ...more

Toddlers, creativity, and the incidental find.

I love my back porch. It's concrete, covered with a terrible fake grass outdoor carpeting that catches every single bit of leaf matter, fuzz, seed, etc. Even so, I love that we can step out of the kitchen and get a bit of fresh air, then end up watering the flowers, sweeping, digging, arranging toy animals, or making nests of books. My daughter has come to neeeed a big stack of books tucked around her in order to fully sink into the reading experience....more...more

Piglet is a Girl! (Toddlers & Gender)

I've been thinking a lot about gender lately, especially as I notice changes in my 2 year old daughter. I haven't found a way to organize these thoughts other than in a list; maybe something more will emerge....more
Great post! Thanks for sharing. A lot of food for thought.more

Meltdowns & Mariposas

In the spirit of brevity and head-fogging fatigue, this will be short. I just want to share that after a major meltdown at Knit the Bridge, my 2 year old daughter spotted this maple seed helicopter on our street and exclaimed, "mariposa!"  It reminded me of the wonderful associations her bursting little brain can make, even if she did want to rip "all the blankets off the bridge! off! off!"...more
Hello there, Kate! "Head-fogging fatigue!" Got it. And, have it. Love the story, so cute, and ...more

My turn to sleep in.

Every weekend, my husband and I each get a day to sleep in, and this weekend, Steve took J to wander around a bit in downtown Pittsburgh. This is their special thing. There's bountiful free parking, relatively empty streets, a bagel shop, fountains, and best of all, our little 2 year old gets to see lots of buses, buildings and bridges, her view unobstructed by big adult legs....more

Sheryl Sandberg & Space Families

Cooking with Toddlers