Emetophobes Norovirus Season is OVER!

Okay so I don't have the authority to officially declare it over, but from all experts in the field I have talked to it has greatly died down. Let's take this one step further and pretend their was no such thing as norovirus season? What would your life be like? For me I would do the following: ...more

Emetophobia and Pregnancy

I feel like the best part of having this blog is the ability to share my stories with people who "get it". The funny thing is, in my case at least, I could care less about getting sick when I am pregnant. I seriously do not suffer from panick attacks, anxiety, worry, heart palpitations, or any other form of fright when I am sick from pregnancy. ...more

Diaper Rental - The Skinny

First off this is not a paid post. I have no affiliation with any of these companies, but I wanted to share what I have learned in my cloth diapering adventure. Newborns grow quickly - duh. Before you know it the itty bitty baby clothes are ready to be passed down to your childs baby doll. ...more

John: Licensed Mental Health Therapist with Emetophobia

              We all have fears. Some of us have more fears, or greater, or different fears. The fact stillremains. All of us as human beings experience fear and much of that fear is longstanding fear. Fear is ...more

Norovirus Is Not going To Kill You

One of my main fears about norovirus and the leading issue I have with my emetophobia is that if I throw up, I will die. Seriously, I think that if I start to vomit I will not stop. It's ridiculous. I just looked up wether or not anyone has ever died of vomiting, and while they have in fact died, it was from dehydration, not the act of getting sick itself. ...more

The Great Norovirus Scare

Yes it is norovirus season, but in our facebook group a wonderful poster reminded us that only 5-6% of us will get it. The new strain is being hyped up like i have never seen norovirus hyped up before. The good news is that not everyone is going to be sick from gastro. A whopping 94% of us will not be suffering from the dreaded gastro crisis of the month. That is a heck of a lot of people ...more

Exposure Therapy for Emetophobia

I know a lot of people who are having some success with exposure therapy and emetophobia. Basically, they are desensitizing themselves to vomit by watching youtube videos over and over again until it is doesn't bother them anymore. Apparently this can also be done with any episode of Tosh.O as I learned last night. ...more

The Great Cloth Diaper Debate

I have decided to do cloth diapers for my third child. The thing is there are just so many amazing options. I am pretty much lost. ...more

Surviving Emetophobia: Manage your Life with Emetophobia

It's the most wonderful time of the year, right? Emet's know Christmas and New Years equal Facebook posts full  of people coming down with the stomach flu and scaring the senses out of us. Now is a great time to work on surviving life with emetophobia. ...more