How We Became Us - A Marriage In Review - 15 - 20 Years

So, here we were 15 years into our marriage and we found ourselves together, yet alone. Alone in every sense of the word.He would come home and I would be exhausted. I couldn't find the time or energy to sit and talk or listen to him.My days were filled with work at the office, appointments with one kind of a specialist or another; cleaning, shopping, laundry, making more appointments and watching my sister's children on the days I wasn't in the office....more

How We Became Us - A Marriage In Review - Years 10-15

Preface: Writing this retrospect has proven to be a very difficult and painful task. As we said goodbye to our 1st decade together as a married couple, we recognized that our relationship had evolved from the giddiness and carefree spirit of young newlywed love to a more mature 'for better, for worse' kind of love. We were woefully looking at a life that was destined to be child-free.  It was not a deliberate decision that we had made.  It was one that my body thrust upon us.  ...more

What Is Going On Here?


The Next Five

We survived that road trip & many more journeys that we partook over the years. Some journeys were well planned and then there were some that we were forced upon us unexpectedly.These years following our 5 year anniversary road trip are a bit if a blur. We busied ourselves with doing what most young couples do: we focused on advancing in our careers; we became first time home owners, travelled and worked feverishly on trying to start a family.This is when my descent into hell began....more

20 Years Ago I Thought I Knew About Love - The First Five

20 years ago, I married the man whom I was absolutely crazy in love with. I ate, breathed, lived and loved him. We were inseparable and loved being that way. It was pure bliss....more

The Uninvited

Recently I was picking up my daughter from one of her after school activites and another mother came up to me and asked "Are you going to so-and-so's birthday party?"I glanced up and gave her a puzzled look then asked my daughter "Sweetie, did you get an invitation for so-and-so's birthday party?"  My daughter was cheerful and very matter of factly said "Nope.  I saw her giving out invitations but she didn't give me one."  She shrugged her shoulders and ran off chasing one of her friends to say goodbye....more
@victorias_view Thank you & yes, very true! We are both looking forward to getting our toes done ...more

My Family

Life has had me rollicking back and forth. I am exhausted! The day-to-day struggle of working full-time, trying to be a full-time mother, wife daughter, sister and friend leaves be utterly exhausted.Sometimes, I am so utterly exhausted and frustrated because I do not have enough time to complete things that I start. I feel like I do things half-assed. And that frustrates me. Life is too hectic and I am constantly running to do 8 million things to make many people happy....more

To Forgive or Not To Forgive? Here is my answer...

I love my friend and I do not mean to disrespect the dead. But I cannot find it in my heart (at least at this time) to forgive my sister. How can my friend expect me to forgive my sister after all of the pain and chaos she inflicted on my family, my children, my husband and myself?Why have I not forgiven my sister?...more

A Message From The Grave

About a month after the funeral of my dear friend, a memorial mass was said in her honor. It was wonderful to see more acquaintances from our shared past. The service was delivered by people who moved within my friend’s professional circles....more

Saying Goodbye

I cannot believe how long it has been since my last post. Actually, I can believe it. I have been inundated with work, my children’s afterschool activities and life in general. For most of the summer, I have enjoyed the highs of life: vacation, skydiving, rafting and spending time with family and friends. Autumn has not been so kind. I have been dealing with the lows in life: illness, death and other hardships of life. My mother has been experiencing health issues, including a stint at the hospital. She is still dealing with her health issues....more