Postpartum Depression: Screw You Folgers Commercial and Other Things That Make Me Cry

Someone once told me that you really don't find your footing in a new job until you've been there at least 2 months.  I think that's kind of how parenting is.  This mess is hard y'all.  In fact, I'd say this is the hardest thing I've ever done in my life.  Forget water boarding people for torture, what they should do is deprive them of sleep for 8 weeks and wake them with a screaming baby.  I would definitely give up government secrets for 8 solid hours of sleep....more

One Woman's Quest for Paternity Leave (Yes), Told in GIFs

If you know me in real life, you know where I work. If you don't know me in real life, let's just say I work at a fairly liberal university in the very liberal state of Massachusetts. Perhaps this is why I was naive enough to think I'd have no problem qualifying to take some leave time after the baby is born. It turned out to be a little more complicated than I had expected. Then again, what else is new?...more
Oh good ol' HR... glad it worked out though!  The GIFs were hilarious!more

BFN: Tryin' to Be Positive About Being Negative

So, in all honesty, we couldn't wait to test.  We tested Saturday morning and Sunday morning.  Both were BFN, or to translate, Big Fat Negative.  But we've talked to friends who experienced the same thing and when they took the blood test they were, in fact, positive.  So, aside from the fact I was late (my cycle was late I mean) I was hanging onto that.  The TWW (two week wait) is one of the hardest things to go through....more

TWW From a Wife's POV & Why Craft Store Stocks Shot Up

Now that our first two week wait (TWW) is almost over, I thought I would share what it’s like from the partner’s perspective. Though we’ve been approaching this process and this blog with levity, this stuff ...more

It's All Sequins & Legs In the Air: Surviving the Two Week Wait

I now get the things my friends talked about when they were trying to conceive.  I understand how it seemed perfectly rational to "feel" something 24 hours after being inseminated. Medically impossible?  Yes.  But you know what?  So was Michael Jackson's nose and that was a real thing....more

My First Insemination: It Only Felt Like a Little Prick

Hey team.  So after seeing our positive ovulation predictor test I called the clinic immediately (Saturday at 7pm).  They are "open" 7 days a week, but over the holiday weekend they had someone (wo)manning the phones that are checked periodically.  We waited and waited and didn't hear back until 10:30 Sunday morning.  Which, in reality, is fine because you have a 24-36 hour window of time to inseminate after getting a positive ovulation test, but in medicated/trying to conceive land you are Whitney Houston/Alice Ripley/Kirk Cameron crazy....more

OPK Testing: The Rubix Cube of Your Lady Parts

Starting on day 3 of my cycle they had me start taking Clomid (what that experience was like):...more

Weight & Pregnancy, or The Curse of the Junk In the Trunk

So as we have discussed before weight is a factor in a successful pregnancy (duh).  So with me "passing inspection" this is the last hurdle.  Fertility clinics have strict rules about BMI (this was one of the 'rules' clinics have accepting you as a patient) and, despite the fact you can be in pretty great health- weight withstanding, they can decline to inseminate you if you are not at or under the BMI cap....more

The Great Debate: Only Child Syndrome v. Stop Touching Me!

So I grew up with an older brother.  He majored in teasing me.  I minored indoing better in things he enjoyed and subtly boasting about it.  I feel like siblings gear you up for politics.  We didn't get along and we rarely talk now.  My wife was an only child and now gets mad if one of her 5 yogurts she bought for the week is gone because I was hungry.  Although one of the nicest people I know, she never learned to share....more

So This Uterus Walks Into a Bar...

It's been a hard couple of weeks with PCOS scare and potential uterus issues.   But today we got great news to keep moving forward.  After the doctor  Jacques Cousteau-ed my uterus (they take a camera up there and play paparazzi) he says, "Everything looks great.  You've got a beautiful uterus.  Perfect for hosting a baby."...more