Searching out hidden gluten sources

I loved my dog.  Madeline (a golden retriever/Rhodesian ridgeback cross) was part of our family for nearly 16 years. I dearly miss her.What I don't miss, however, is the gluten that was added to her treats and pet food. As a typical dog owner, I know that dogs can and will eat just about anything, including things that aren't so healthy. What I didn't expect was finding modified food starch (gluten) in both "healthy" dog foods and treats. Since when do dogs eat wheat?...more

We've Always Done It That Way

Restaurants can poise a particular problem for folks who are gluten-sensitive.  I recently attended an annual banquet held at a local restaurant. We've been going there for the last 10+ years because of the location, good food, and low cost. The last couple of years, we've added a meal choice of a gluten-free meal (thank goodness). Our group now includes several seniors and others needing gluten-free food....more

Gluten Slave No More

Ever feel like a slave to gluten? Breaking free from gluten is just like any other life changing event... difficult, timeconsuming, and risky. The good news? We're in good company. Millions of people either want to or need to break free from gluten and food manufacturers are starting to provide more GF products. The bad news? Those product are usually expensive and the extra costs may be holding some people back from breaking free.  Many of these products aren't very healthy either....more