Long as I can grow it.....my hair

“Long as I can grow it, my hair…..” ...more

NaBloPoMo A#5

I found a blog post today, talking about attending a high school reunion. The author talked about how people had changed, or hadn’t changed. Some people had stayed in touch, others had drifted away. But they all came together at their reunionI graduated from high school in 1970. I had been in a different school every year. Now, don’t get the idea that I was a bad kid and got kicked out of all those schools. It all came down to my parents trying to do the right thing for my younger brothers....more

NaBloPoMo #4 The saga continues

Today was the first time I actually cross-posted on the BlogHer site. It's funny. I have an advanced degree in computing technology, but learning the technical side of new programs in becoming increasingly difficult in recent years.  So, one more thing learned.I'm still exhausted after yesterday's very vigorous water aerobics class. Changing the music to a more driving beat made the class more fun, but also more exhausting. I feel like I did the first couple of weeks after I started! But, I suppose it was time to make it a little more challenging as well....more