Photo Challenge – TWO

I loved this month’s photo challenge theme “Two.”...more

Snow in Corolla

The beach is a magical place, surprising you with something different at every turn. We have had our family home in Corolla for about 35 years, yet I still see new things each year. After several 70 degree days, the temperatures dropped… leaving us with one of the coldest weekends we have experienced in Corolla in March ....more

Kill Da Wabbit

You may recall a few of my posts on the Pirate House in our neighborhood. This woman spends a month decorating her yard in a pirate theme for Halloween. My daughter’s friend lives next door to the Pirate House ....more

The Shift

I have always wanted to help people. But you know how it goes. Kids ....more

The Devacurl Haircut: Before, After and Tears

Curly haired girls stop other curly haired girls on the street and ask, “What do you use in your hair?” It’s just what we do. All of us have at least $200 worth of hair products shoved under the sink, containing most of their original contents. Hair stylists aren’t trained to cut curly hair, period ....more

What’s On Your Camera Phone?

Every once in a while I like to share random pictures I have stored on my iPhone. Nothing can reveal one’s true day to day activities like the pictures on a cell phone. 1....more

Will I Be The Good Witch, Or The Bad Witch?

As many of you know, I have been fighting a sinus, ear and chest infection. That is why I didn’t make my post last night....more

The Life and Death of a Giant Snowman

My children have the chance to build a snowman about once every two years....more

Which Would You Choose?

On the way home from a family event this weekend, my middle son challenged us with a thoughtful question. “If you could have the traits of any animal in the world, what animal would it be and why? You would still be you but you could do things the animal does.” I responded, “I would be a bi “AND YOU CAN’T SAY A BIRD SO YOU CAN FLY BECAUSE EVERYONE SAYS THAT.” “Dang.” Not only did he want us to respond, but he wanted us to explain what we would use the animal’s features for ....more


I missed my Thursday post because I am sick, sick sick....more