Looking at blogging and social networking

Dr Sally Witt interviews Kathie Thomas about blogging and social networking.    http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=sxkQ-rq475g    ...more

Using Facebook to help others

I used to see Facebook as a tool for family and friends but not for business, however that is changing a great deal now. There are people like Mari Smith with WhyFacebook? and Jason Alba with I’m on Facebook, now what?, along with many articles about using Facebook for business.  Some of them are: ...more

Who Are You Walking Past?

I was running later than normal this morning when I went down to the post office to check for mail. As I walked along the pavement a young lady was walking towards me, her head down, reading the book in her hands. She must have just come off the train - there was a fair bit of foot traffic around. ...more

I used to work as a cartographer for a large government ...more

Blogging is a healthy activity

My hubby gets Scientific American and he photocopied an article for me from their June edition. The full article isn’t available online but some of it is at the link above and I thought I’d share it with you here. ...more

Hello From Downunder

I don't believe I've introduced myself here. I did join over a year ago but just didn't get back here and then saw a blogpost written here today and thought I should come back. Don't you just hate it when life moves on so quickly like that? I live in Melbourne, Australia and am mother of 5 grown daughters - all in their 20s. Two are home at the moment but hubby and I look forward to being empty nesters. ...more

Hello From Downunder

A blogging friend of mine told me about this site - he's a coach in another state. We both comment on each other's blogs from time to time. I've been blogging for over 2 years and at first couldn't understand why anyone would want more than 2 blogs - 1 personal and 1 business. Well, here I am, 11 blogs later and totally addicted. I haven't listed all of them here - not all are posted to on a weekly basis but each has its own audience and purpose. ...more

Oops, sorry, I thought the system here would automatically add my signature block too - seems ...more