Monday Morning Motivation.."Complete in Christ". The Pain The Journey The Joy

The PainI have heard divorce described in may ways....more

Monday Morning Motivation..."Waiting"

The key to everything is patience.  You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing it.Arnold H. Glasow I have learned, through difficult times, that I have no choice but to wait.  I can't rush things even though I may want to.  Many days I want the end result now, I want to "smash the egg"....more

Guest Post: Huffington Post….How to Spend Valentine's Day for the Recently Single

So here we are at Valentine's Day.  I have been married since I was 19, needless to say I am not used to be alone on Valentine's Day after 37 years of marriage.  Here are some survival skills brought to you by Ian Oliver via Huffington Post.  Guest Post: Huffington Post….How to Spend Valentine's Day for the Recently Single by Ian Oliver....more

Guest Post from Huff Post "5 Steps to Avoid the Sunday Evening Blues" by Kat Forsythe MSW

I found this interesting article on Huff Post…wonderful site.  I always wondered why I felt so down on Sunday evening, even before this divorce stuff started.  My comments will be in italics….."Reinvention After Divorce: 5 Steps to Avoid the Sunday Evening Blues"From Huff PostBy Kat Forsythe MSW...more

Wisdom From the Web…Huff Post "Drinking Habits" Could lead to Divorce…..

Couples' Drinking Habits May Predict Likelihood Of Divorce, Study FindsA new study concludes that heavy drinking isn't a marital deal-breaker -- so long as both spouses are consuming the same amount of alcohol....more

Wisdom From the Web….Huff Post Divorce Pages

 "10 Productive Ways to Move on After Infidelity"(My opinions underlined:-)By Anita Yok Sim HoNo one gets married so that they can get a divorce. And definitely no one expects an affair to rock their marriage. So how do you move on if this happens to you? You may feel pressure from external forces, like your family, society or even your spouse to stay in the marriage....more

My Story Page 11…The Spy Phone

    I remember the day like it was yesterday.  The day I traveled to Raleigh to hire a Private Investigator.    I could not seem to wrap my mind around the fact that I was turning to a PI for help.  All I knew of PI's were Thomas Magnum, Columbo, Rockford Files, and Barnaby Jones.  Never in my wildest dreams could I imagined ever needing one myself.  But never in my wildest dreams would I have thought my husband of 37 years would turn his back on our marriage....more

My Story Page 10. My Attorney

     It is hard to decide what to do when you are in a state of shock.  That is where I found myself.  Barely able to make it through the day, paralyzed in my new reality.  Sinking deeper into a sadness and depression the likes of which I had never experienced. ...more

My Story….Page 1

I have decided I am going to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help me God.  I am going to tell it in segments here on my divorce recovery blog.  I have been silent way too long.  For today I am just going to share a photo and some scripture…....more