Technology to the Rescue on Valentines Day

Did you forget to pick up a little special something for your lover this Valentines Day? No need to panic because social media can come to your rescue!A quick Twitter search reveals a tweet by @ILuvYouLuvWeLuv sharing a link to seven pages of love poems you can tap into :...more

Another great idea for this valentineĀ“s day was to gift an eBook, you buy it online and is send ...more

Womens Rights: Will the Real Enemy Please Stand Up

Are women our own worst enemy? Last week I was mentioned in an LA Times article as championing the importance of becoming a good wife and partner. The article didn't explain entirely what I'm about (my focus is really more on the partner aspect, than the good wife thing) but it did mention that I unite career and family and that I now stay home. That 's all it took. Bloggers everywhere began debating whether I had the right to paint staying home as a worthy choice for women. Some responders questioned my level of education, while others suggested I stayed home to spend my husband's money....more

I'm not sure I found the commentary that you're ranting about, but since I found some stuff at ...more

Our Health Care Future in a New Light

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Do Schools Promote Sexual Discrimination?

School just started and so once again we are buying school supplies, reviewing school rules, and signing enough papers to cause hand cramps. As my son laid out his school bag for the next morning, he said something that surprised me, "Do you think boys should be allowed to carry purses?" I didn't know how to respond. Was he wanting to make a fashion statement or was he just doing a little research to win an argument? ...more

Kathi is so right on with this blog.  My name is Bruce Sallan and I write a dad's column ...more

Chewing Gum Reform

Those who forget history are condemned to repeat it. That is wisdom made famous by George Santayana, a famous writer and poet. I flash back to this statement whenever I share one of my childhood lessons with my boys. I hope that by sharing my history, they will not repeat the same mistakes. ...more

Caution: Eye Sight is the First Thing to Go

You may not think it's front page news to learn that eye sight is the first thing to go... but it truly is! ...more