Alzheimer Clinical Trial a Success!

A few days ago, on June 6, 2012, a Swedish Professor, Bengt Winbald at Karolinska Institute, at the Alzheimer’s Disease Research Centre announced that a study that lasted three years was a success. The trial conducted a study on the success of an Alzheimer’s vaccine.  The new treatment triggers the body’s defense against harmful beta-amyloid.  Eighty percent of the participants developed within their own body, an immunity against beta-amyloid. ...more

Help! No Crockpot

When I was getting things ready to ship to Sweden in anticipation of living in a furnished apartment, I realized that one small kitchen appliance that may not be furnished is a crockpot.  So, I was planning to bring mine.  Whoops!  So much for that idea.  I’m glad I realized that the power was not the same.  In the US we use 110, and in Sweden it would have to be 220.  ...more