What I’m Into: August 2015

Felix, 9 months Lydia dressed “as a strawberry” For those who have been following our story, August was split into two distinct parts. The first half of August we continued to spend in the hospital, as follow-up for Felix’s gene therapy in July. But halfway through the month he was discharged and we got to come home! ...more

Back Home Again.

These last few days have been some of the happiest of my life. (Getting ready to go home) On Friday Felix was discharged from the hospital after 41 days. (Which is nothing compared to the 149 we did the first time.) It was a week after I gave him his last ADA injection ....more

Why We’re Not Doing Preschool With Our Four-Year-Old This Fall

“Is she starting school this fall?” “Oh, no. She’ll only be four in August.” This is how many conversations have gone over the last year about our daughter. But after enough confused looks at my response, I finally started to realize something ....more

Last Week in the Hospital

Sorry I haven’t been blogging much lately. There just hasn’t been much going on here. Also, I’ve been too busy knitting ....more

The Best Materials for Your Very, Very First Knitting Project

So you want to learn how to knit. Hooray! That was me just a few short weeks ago ....more

What I’m Into: July 2015

Well. July was different. As regular readers know, at the beginning of the month we took our seven-month-old son to California to undergo an experimental therapy for his life-threatening disease ....more

First Week Back in London Hospital: Totally Uneventful

I am happy to give you a totally boring update. Our first week back in London hospital was completely uneventful. Felix is doing well ....more

Gene Therapy in LA: Days 3-6 (And Heading Home)

I’ve been sharing our story of taking Felix to Los Angeles to receive gene therapy, an experimental therapy for SCID-ADA. I explain gene therapy here. The first three days can be found here ....more

Gene Therapy in LA: Days 1-3

A few weeks ago I explained gene therapy. Now we’re here in LA! Here’s what we’ve been through so far ....more

How to Remove Ballpoint Ink from a Doll (Using a Surprising Secret Ingredient!)

(Note: I did this project and took these photos last year, long before Felix was born. Then things got a little crazy and I forgot about it. But Lydia recently re-adopted this baby and has been taking care of it as a surrogate brother since Felix has been in isolation ....more