Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

Writing your own vows adds a deeply personal touch to your wedding ceremony. They should only take two or three minutes and are meant to be a public declaration of your commitment to one another. Lengthy or overly intimate vows run the risk of making friends and family uncomfortable. Here are five easy steps to help you write unforgettable wedding vows: ...more

Red Wedding Gowns -- Should You Wear One?

Red wedding gowns have been popular in Europe and Asia for more than ten years and now are the hottest new trend in America. At first we saw a hint of red, in a bold sash attached to a traditional white dress. Now you can select a complete red gown, a red bodice with a white A-line or organza skirt, or a strapless white bodice with a full red skirt. Other options include red corset lacings, custom embroidery and mini-bouquets attached to the train of the gown. Red wedding gown by Demetrios ...more

We think red can be a great choice for brides.

 Here is a link to some beautiful more

Brides Who Enjoy Giving Back

Her smile says it all. No, this isn’t my daughter, although I have unofficially adopted this young bride without her consent. My own sweet children will no doubt welcome her as one of their own. Early this morning I received her picture in my mailbox showing the tiara she purchased from Beautiful Bridal on April 9, 2008. ...more

Show Bride Summer 2008 Bridal Expo

Today I attended the bridal expo at the new Westin Hotel in Virginia Beach. It was your usual fill-out-every-entry-form frenzy bridal show but these brides left their fiances at home. When I attended the Washington Bridal Expo last spring, there were couples everywhere which inspired me to write Putting the Groom Back Into The Wedding (Planning). You can tell I like men who like weddings. ...more

Rhinestone Bridal Hair Pins

Why are these so popular this year? They are so affordable, as little as $18 for a set of six from Beautiful Bridal. And, unlike a tiara, you can wear them again and again. Will you be seeing more of these? Yes, I predict it’s the new frontier in wedding headpieces, along with bold new designs and colors. Here are some of our favorites. ...more

Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Winners

In 2005, Cheap-Chic-Weddings launched their first annual toilet paper wedding dress contest. (What a great idea, I wish I would have thought of it!) Sponsored by Charmin toilet paper, the winning contestant was awarded a prize of $500. The wedding gowns and headpieces had to be made of Charmin Toilet Paper, glue and/or tape only. This year the contest ran from April 28 to June 2. The winner, Katrina Chalifoux of Rockford, Illinois, received a $1,000 American Express Gift Card. Her toilet paper wedding sheath was one of 564 entries. ...more

Wedding Planning Right For You

We all know that our wedding day is ONLY ONE DAY. But that doesn’t stop us, as women, from trying to make it the most glorious event in our lives. ...more

Rhinestones Are A Girl's Second Best Friend

When Jennifer Lopez secretly married Marc Anthony she reportedly borrowed seven million dollars worth of bridal jewelry from Harry Winston. You know him. You’re watching the celebrities on the red carpet when the announcer says, “Here’s so and so and she’s wearing a gown by Zac Posen and a diamond tennis bracelet from Harry Winston, valued at $20,000.” ...more