Happy New Year!

A lot has changed since our last blog holiday message. 2012 was great to us and we have lots of hopes, plans and dreams for 2013. Chief among those plans is a big blog redesign coming along shortly. We can't wait to share it. Here's to a wonderful, prosperous 2013 for us all! ...more

2012 Year in Review

It's that time of year again -- the year in review post. A lot has changed since our 2011 wrap-up post (and things are light years different than 2010) ....more

We're Back! Plus, a Call for Submissions.

We're back in Florence after a wonderful 5-day trip to Paris. Rob and I are both excited to report that we loved it. We weren't the biggest fans of southern France -- which we visited last December -- and are excited that we gave France another chance ....more

Living in Italy: Tales from an Italian Grocery Store

When friends and family visit us one of the first things that they typically comment on is all of the meats and cheeses out and on display in the grocery stores. To the American eye, seeing unrefrigerated meats and cheeses is a bit odd -- but, it's totally normal here ....more

Blogging Workshops for Business and Pleasure - Coming to Rome!

Hi everyone, just popping in for a quick post to let you know about a few workshops I'll be teaching in Rome in February. The Blogging Bootcamp I taught in Florence was a great success and I'm bringing it to the Eternal City in 2013! I'll be teaching two others course in addition to the Bootcamp. Here are the details.. ....more

The Charming Holiday Season in Florence, Italy

Rob was out yesterday and snapped a few of these photos of our gorgeous city lit up for the holidays. It has been a bit rainy, but I think it makes the city and the lights shine even more ....more

FAQ: Everything You (N)ever Wanted to Know About Cloth Diapers

This is slight departure from our regular weekly Living in Italy FAQ series. This is, nonetheless, something we get asked about all the time. When someone finds out that we use cloth diapers they are always intrigued -- including people who have no interest in kids!  ...more