My Four Legged Mentor

  When my husband and I first thought about starting a family, we decided we would start with a cat. We assumed that if we didn't kill the cat, we could probably handle a baby.   Joe and I went predictably crazy over our new addition. Because we lived in Manhattan, we decided to adopt a cat from the ASPCA. Samantha was a cute little thing that was found wandering the streets of New York....more

Best Management Training on Earth

The other night I was so tired, and our youngest, Peter, was just not going to sleep. It was one in the morning, and I was desperate. I brought out the big gun. "Peter, that's it. I'm putting on All the Presidents Men"."No mommy. No All the Presidents Men," came his plea for mercy.I was too tired for mercy.Yes, my secret is out....more

The Long Goodbye

Watching someone you love get older and change is hard. The obvious question comes to mind, how will you go on without them in your life? The time has come for our family to face a harsh reality: Fuzzy the Bear isn't looking so good and probably doesn't have much time left.Fuzzy is the closest companion of our youngest child, Peter. Fuzzy has been a trusted and highly valued member of our family since Peter was nine months old and received him as a Christmas present from my husband's nephew....more