Not Losing Weight? Change Up the Routine

New runners often find the pounds peel away quickly in the first few months of jogging. This makes sense on several levels....more

Teaching Kids Good Eating Habits, Tip One: Feed Them What You Eat

Image: rakratchada torsap /  ...more

The Alicia Silverstone Issue:Or Shouldn't We Support, Not Attack, Good Parents?

Seems Alicia Silverstone isn't clueless about feeding her baby.A few weeks ago, the beautiful actress posted a video on her website, The Kind Life, of her pre-chewing food and then slipping it into her son Bear's mouth via her mouth. (You can view the video by clicking the link.)She wrote on her blog, and I quote:    I fed Bear the mochi and a tiny bit of veggies from the soup…from my mouth to his. It’s his favorite...and mine.People went so wild you would have thought she'd fed him from the garbage can....more

Let’s Talk About Sex (After) Baby

Before Laura, 38, delivered three children within five years, her love life was as active as a toddler on sugar. “It didn’t matter what my husband and I were doing – laundry, dancing, watching t.v. We’d stop what it was and go for it, sometimes more than once a night.”But as they say, the times have changed....more

A Foam Roller for Injury Prevention and Massage

See this girl? The agony? The defeat? The PAIN!? She paid at least $14 or so to feel this way. But you know what? Soon she will feel much, much better! If you have yet to discover the wonders (and the pain!) of the foam roller, fork out $14 or so dollars to do so. Here's a photo of the real thing up close and personal: ...more

Take Time to Smell the Flowers - A Sad Lesson from Oprah

I don't catch Oprah much anymore these days. A busy schedule allows for little television time, and I'm addicted to the View, so that is my one show a day that I try to cram into an already out of control schedule. Yesterday I taped Oprah when I saw the blurb about the story, which centered around a distracted mom. I didn't know what the content would be, but I heard that it was about how moms should learn a lesson from this mother-a lesson to slow down. ...more