Ten Years Ago: "There's been a series of explosions..."

Flowers at Edgware Station, two days after the bombing there Ten years ago, I was getting ready to take my daughter to the train station so she could meet her friend at Baker Street Tube Station. They were going to do some exploring, since her friend had just moved to London. But the friend called before we left, said she was seeing lots of police activity from her flat window overlooking Baker Street station ....more

Friday Deer Blogging

Deer come for a snack of hostas. No, there are no cows here (anywhere, as far as I can tell) but there are other monstrously large animals. The deer in these parts are very big, especially to those of us accustomed to the small montjac deer in Buckinghamshire....more

2015 Officially Sucks and It's Only June 15

This should've been a good photo of the cherry trees in full bloom but it wasn't because the weather sucked. This, I found out later, was a sign that 2015 was well on its way to record-breaking sucking....more

The Prettiest Thing I've Seen in America

The King Street Gardens Park in Alexandria I was driving near King Street Metro Station the other evening when I happened upon this small park. I almost crashed the car when I saw it, since I haven't seen anything this pretty since I moved here at the end of August....more

Deflowering a Sweetgum Tree

Sweetgum balls litter the lawn The bane of my...more

Not That Kind of Pie

No, not ants. Cows....more

Six Months On: Still Waiting To Bloom

Yesterday as I sat on the train, waiting for it to leave the station, I said to my husband, "I hate living here!" We were late for a lunch date, and as is typical on a weekend, the trains were running 20 minutes apart, sometimes longer....more

Things I Miss About England, Enumerated

A walk in Black Park Someone asked me what I missed most about England, a question that seems impossible to quantify. I miss National Trust properties, but I also miss the walks, and I miss Black Park a little more than I miss Burnham Beeches, but I'd give anything to walk through my Common and smell the moldy leaves. So I thought I would make a list: Top Three Things I Miss About England ....more

Black and White Flashback

You'd hardly know it was 2014 in some American neighborhoods....more

New World Problems

Sparky keeps an eye out for squirrels, not realizing the real danger is from raccoons. Or, Further Adventures in Repatriation. There are no raccoons in Britain ....more