Friday Deer Blogging

We got some photos of the deer this week on the new trail cam—the old one, which we got for Christmas, broke right after the big snow. Fortunately, the manufacturer sent a replacement, an improved model at that....more

Will Trump Become President?

Is there any way to stop the Donald?...more

Getting Along Like Cats and Dogs

A standoff, near the entrance to the kitchen Cats and dogs weren't meant to live together, my dog tells me, and if the cat could talk, he would say the same....more

Friday Deer Blogging

Five deer in the...more

Eleven! We're Eleven!

An early photo of me, in the actual act of blogging....more

Our American Terror

Welcome to America! I live in a country where anyone can go to a gun show and buy a weapon without a background check. As you can expect, pretty regularly someone takes a gun to a school, a theater, a church--anywhere people gather--and shoots a lot of people ....more

Friday Cow Blogging

Cows marching across the pasture Mama number 400326 Babies Don't go! I saw these lovely cows at my friend's house, where we stayed for a couple days during my visit to England. They all came to the fence when I walked over, even though I had nothing more than a camera in my hand....more

Friday Cow Blogging

It's back! For a limited time only, Friday Cow Blogging will be making an appearance on these web pages....more

Can you go home again?

I leave tomorrow for a visit to London. I have mixed feelings about that. While I want to be able to walk the hills of the Chilterns, ride the Underground to museums and galleries, and poke around castles and other ancient places, I don't look forward to that feeling that it's only temporary, that I'll have to leave in a week....more