Injuries Suck

Injuries Suck.It’s just that simple. Having an injury and being in pain really sucks. I know there are others out there that can relate to me and I am certain that there are others out there that are dealing with problems a lot worse than mine. But for my right now this is my issue and it sucks....more

Tragedy & Loss – Dealing with Grief

Sometimes I feel like it would be better if I never read the news or the headlines. Maybe then I wouldn’t be bombarded with all the horrible tragedies and loss that have been affecting the world, specifically surrounding my city of Seattle. Last week I could not turn off the television as I watched the news unfold about the KOMO 4 News helicopter that crashed on the street outside my former office building....more

How to Identify Bullying and Cyber Bullying

As a mother of two school aged daughters, the concept of bullying comes up in my mind a lot. Recently, I have been hearing about different kinds of bullying, specifically prior to the Super Bowl, living in Seattle, I heard on more than one occasion that a child wearing Broncos gear in a Washington school didn’t get treated as nicely as those with Seahawks gear. This may not be serious bullying, but sitting at another table for lunch and getting left out on the playground still hurts....more
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