11 Months.

Are. They. Finley + Elias Hard to believe we are closing in on a year....more

10 Months

{Technicality this was on Easter, their first Easter! Which was only two days ago, so I'm counting it.} Today! We've hit the double digits ....more

9 months!

Elias + Finley Today. Every month I want to say......more

This guy.

Turned 8! So hard to believe. Solly you are the kindest, most selfless, ornery, sweetest kid in the world ....more

A 7 month update...

I was over at Her View From Home last week, sharing a little 7 month update. Click on over: The 7th Month Stretch ....more

7 Months!

And they are excited. So are we. Love them ....more

Merry Christmas!

From, the J Crew. Much to be thankful for this year. Love to all ....more

Piano Recital 2015.

In the books. This year was Nora girl's first recital. And she nailed it ....more

6 {whole} months.

Finley + Elias. Today. It's been so hard and exhausting these past 6 months ....more

1st Sunday...

of Advent. Let Us Adore Him ....more