Vegan Pumpkin Spice Latte VIDEO + 9 PSL Tips

Skip the line at Starbucks by making a PSL at home! And this vegan Pumpkin Spice Latte is made using real pumpkin, warming spices, cozy maple syrup and non-dairy milk. Watch me whip up this seasonal latte in my latest YouTube video + get my PSL tips!..Read more » This is a summary, images and full post available on HHL website! ...more

Cinnamon Toast Morning Muffins, gluten-free and vegan

If you haven't been sprinkled with some autumn baking fairy dust yet, you know the kind that makes you suddenly have an unquenchable thirst for all things muffin-topped, loaf-baked and warm-from-the-oven, this nine ingredient muffin recipe just might get you in the mood. And in the kitchen. Pair these Cinnamon Toast Morning Muffins with your first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season, or with my favorite Hot Pumpkin Mug ....more

Fall Oatmeal Power Bowl. Apple Spice, Chia & Pumpkin Seeds.

One of my favorite fall rituals is a steel cut oatmeal kind of morning. Nothing fuels a drowsy morning better than some warming comfort food in the form of fresh fruit, seeds, creamy almond milk and those homemade oats, warm and steamy from my stovetop. This fall power bowl of oats is a healthy breakfast to get you started with a warm, happy, glow-y smile ....more

True Food Kitchen Sweet Potato Hash: Copycat Recipe

My favorite season is just about approaching! No, not "fall" so to speak. But rather, pumpkin and sweet potato season! ...more

Raw Vegan Walnut Cream Pie with Chocolate Swirl.

You look like you need a little more cream pie in your life. Am I right or am I right? Well if your eyes got all wide and sparkly when you saw these cream pie pics, then you can most certainly hop into the kitchen and scurry to make this easy, no-bake ....more

Pink Chickpea Smash Salad

Serious. Pink. Power fuel ....more

Coconut Milk Affogatto via my Nespresso VirtuoLine. VIDEO.

A cool, creamy coconut milk popsicle melts into frothy, rich, hot coffee freshly prepared using my Nespresso VirtuoLine machine. This is a summer meets fall beverage to put on your must-sip list. Sweet and rich, this coffee beverage pairs well with brunch, afternoon nibbles or even as an after-meal treat ....more

Double Chocolate-Covered Strawberry-Banana Protein Muffins. Vegan + Gluten-free

These Double Chocolate-Covered Strawberry-Banana Protein Muffins are the perfect blend of treat meets healthy snack. Each fluffy, rich chocolate bite is loaded with whole grain oats, bananas, a hint of berry, cinnamon, rich virgin coconut oil and an extra dose of chocolate. Plus, I've added some vegan brown rice based protein powder and a scoop of optional maca powder too ....more

Scenes From a Celebrity Gifting Suite: 365 Vegan Smoothies Events!

Last Friday I popped over to the Montage Hotel, a grand golden hotel located around the corner from Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. I was there to attend my first ever celebrity gifting suite to promote my book 365 Vegan Smoothies. This even invited actors, producers and media in and around the television industry ....more

Easy Curried Carrot Slaw, Smoky Maple Tempeh Triangles

Bold in flavor and dense in nutrition, this crunchy-nutty-sassy-savory-sweet meal is a golden delight you will make again and again! Whip up my Easy Carrot Slaw with Smoky Maple Tempeh Triangles and you'll be swooning over veggies and plant-based protein. Easy recipe ahead ....more