My Book Party! Celebrating Healthy Happy Vegan Kitchen.

I am not a party planner. But I played one in real life .. for this amazing party ....more

Easy Turmeric Bean Burgers with Spicy Secret Sauce

Is it the weekend yet? Is it summer yet? Because all I can think of is veggie burgers, warm nights, sunsets, aqua water, the smell of coconut sunscreen, flip flops, sunbeams, sand in my toes, freshly sliced watermelon, smoothies, sunglasses, blue skies, adventures, road trips, laughing faces, hot pink tank tops, ice cream parties, hiking, grilled veggies, dipping sauces and oh, did I mention veggie burgers?? ...more

Baked Fresh Raspberry Lemon Donuts with Coconut Whip. Vegan. Gluten Free. No Added Sugar.

These delightful Baked Fresh Raspberry Lemon Donuts are sweetened with just ripe banana and Medjool dates, coconut whip on top. These amazing vegan donuts are baked and gluten free. Give them a whirl for a healthy happy morning!. ....more

Green Apple Spice, Peanut Butter Oatmeal Bars. Date-Sweetened!

You know that moment when you are going way off recipe, experimenting to your heart's delight, and then suddenly you finish your creation and look at it and think to yourself, "Wait, what is this? What in the world did I just make? Is this going to be edible." And then (after baking, plating or something else hopeful) you have that next moment when you take a bite and you are like, "I ....more

Kathy's Special BBQ Tempeh Bowl

This bowl gets a special name because I love it and make it so often: Kathy's Special BBQ Tempeh Bowl. Smoky-sweet, blackened tempeh triangles, sweet citrus, caramelized skillet sweet onions, buttery diced avocado, tender sweet potato cubes and a few crunchy California-style sprouts on a bed of baby greens. All that yumminess is drizzled in a super easy vegan ranch dressing ....more

Five Fave Vegan Bag Brands

"Animals are NOT meant to be a part of Fashion. We Can look and feel good without harming other living beings. We need to CONNECT our selves with what goes on behind the scenes." - GUNAS website ....more

California Avocado Tour + Recipe

Last month, I was north of LA, skipping through an avocado grove. It was like guacamole heaven up there. There is no better way to feel "close" to your food thaN to actually step foot on the soil that it grows from ....more

Black Bean Plantain Veggie Burgers with Avocado

Happy May everyone! I promise you summer is JUST around the corner and all those backyard veggie burger bashes are yours to be enjoyed. Well I think Cinco de Mayo is a perfect holiday to kick off my summertime veggie burger spirit ....more

The Best Ice Cream.

Today I am sharing my recipe for the bowl that wins the "most likely to be devoured" award for all of spring and summertime. At least in my house, that is. Just give this pink deliciousness a try and I think you will agree ....more

HHVK is Here.

We made it! The day is finally here. April 28th has arrived ....more