A Letter From Your Non-Maternity Pants

Dear Katie,I know we have shared two wonderful summer seasons together. I know how thrilled you were to spot me on the clearance rack in my pretty print and bright, summery fabric. I always appreciated my top spot in your closet and all the great vacations you have taken me on. We have shared some great times....more

Tips for the Pregnant Lady

Ladies, I am now more than six months pregnant and I wanted to share a few maternity tips I had to learn along the way. Yes, I have other wonderful pregnant friends and have received some great advice, but everyone has their own journey and these are the thing I wish I had embraced early on in my pregnancy. ...more

Gilroy Garlic Festival

When you live less than 30 minutes from Gilroy, a town known for garlic, one must venture to the annual Gilroy Garlic Festival. If you enjoy garlic, this is the festival for you!We enjoyed a variety of foods and walked around for about 2.5 hours. I would highly recommend you get there when the gates open, which this year was 10:00 am. We woke up early, ate a very light breakfast, and made it to Gilroy without much traffic. We were in the first parking lot; we were close enough to walk or shuttle to the festival entrance.What we ate:- Garlic Bread...more