Back Off, Buttercup!

I am not a racist!  I know by making that statement I’ve opened myself up to scrutiny....more

Happy Birthday to Me!

  I remember when my mother turned 40. I thought she was old, ancient, had no mojo and was never gonna be cool ever again.  She cut her hair short, covered up the greys with an awful dark dye job and got a perm!  Heaven forbid!! Now it’s my turn!...more
Happy Birthday! Cheers to forty and being fierce!more

OMG, Where's the points free ice cream???

I have successfully completed two whole days of Weight Watchers, and I haven’t killed anyone, yet.  I also haven’t lost any pounds....more

Things that make me say &*#42$@!

Ok, so I am cussing an awful lot today. I’m really a big, sweet, cuddly teddy bear most days, so why is it that everything is pissing me off right now?? Is it me, or is it them?  As part of my job I have to do a good bit of event planning....more


There is nothing like a few vacation days off from work to make you appreciate the value of free time.  I love, love, love time off from work.  A home stay-cation over the 4th of July is just what I needed. The slower pace, the relaxation, fun with friends and family,  reconnection with Derek, Nigel & Jacob, home-cooked meals; they are all a little slice of heaven....more

Life IS good!

Success is sweet and having a break finally come our way is like having candy, cake and cookies all at the same time - or an ice cream sundae with all the ...more

What's a 15 letter word for a thing that will ruin your life?

P R O C R A S T I N A T I O N Bad habits are hard to break.  I’ve got a bunch of them and they are seriously annoying the shit out of me. Rather, I’m extremely annoyed with myself....more

You can't ever have too many friends.

So, I totally have a new girlfriend!...more

I long to have sweet friendships like you speak of! How fortunate you are. Hold them close to ...more

FSBO and other abbreviations

This real estate market totally sucks. That statement is from my point of view as a Seller.  From a Buyer's point of view, this real estate market is pure gold (if you have a job and can qualify for a mortgage.)  We've had our house actively for sale since January 2010. Actively is the magic word, because it's really been longer than that.  We need to sell, otherwise we wouldn't even be trying right now....more

Keys to my innermost self...

I never realized what you can tell about a person by looking at their keys....more