And Our Last Name Isn’t Even Griswold.

*WARNING* The following post contains poorly scanned family vacation photos circa the 1990′s. I have a cold and find comfort in rummaging through old photos and posting them on the internet for the world to see. No one is safe. You have been warned. My family took a lot of road trips when I was [...] ...more

Want To Make Everyone Jealous And Get Treated Like A VIP? There’s An App For That.

So. You know how I’m pretty much a spur-of-the-moment, never-likes-to-plan-anything-ahead-of-time kind of gal? Well. I’ll let you be the first to know: I am changed. Okay. I’m not really changed changed, but something has happened that has opened my non-proactive, sleep-crusted eyes to the beauty of planning. And it came from where I least expected – A [...] ...more

The Art Of Effective Communication and Why, If I Weren’t Already Married, I Would Probably Die All Spinsterly And Alone.

I can honestly tell you with almost 100% certainty that if I were single today, I would not be able to survive the dating scene in its current state. It’s not because I’m not outgoing. It’s not because I feel like I have to hide some weird body quirk like a third nipple (it’s a [...] ...more

It Turns Out Accountability Is The Only Real Difference Between A Hobby And A Profession.

Last weekend I had my very first paid photo gig for taking pictures of living people. Not that I take pictures of dead people ever. What I mean is, I got paid to take pictures of people, who are alive — not houses, which are dead. Not that houses are dead dead, since they were never [...] ...more

My Peanut Story. (It’s Not You — It’s Definitely Me.)

“But that moment when I first hit the keys to spell out THE END was epochal. I remember rolling the last page out and adding it to the stack that was the finished manuscript. Nobody knew I was done. Nobody cared. But I knew. I felt like a dragon I’d been fighting all my life [...] ...more

It Turns Out Luxury Travel Isn’t Just for the Rich and Famous.

Hey. Let’s talk for a second about luxury travel. I know — this coming from the girl who once wrote about the superiority of backpacks. Until recently, I hadn’t had much experience with “luxury” travel. What do I mean when I say “luxury?” To me, the answer to whether or not you’re traveling in luxury [...] ...more

Private Chef’s Dinner for Two? We Can Now Cross THAT Off The List.

I think we should just take a moment to appreciate something. House red. Orzo salad with braised asparagus ti ps and Manchego(?) cheese. Crab Rangoon in puffed pastry. Purple potato-encrusted halibut over a bed of swiss chard and pureed parsnips. Cheesecake with chocolate and pistachios. Obviously, I appreciated it a little more than you can. This [...] ...more