Moments of Freedom....

Grief is a fascinating thing, I have been told everyday this year by one person or another that "grief is not the same for everyone". That made me have a thought, is grief different or is it just the way people handle it that makes it different? After my mom died and all the smoke cleared from my head all that I was left was sadness and pain. Grief can take over your every move, every second of everyday feeling sad and disconnected from everyone and everything, Quickly depression comes and sets in....more

Dealing With Anger...

   Sadness is the simplest way of  dealing with grief, however not the only. Anger is the worst, suddenly the entire world makes you angry. Suddenly even the fridge makes you mad, anger takes over your body like a cold, infecting your every move. Anger runs through your veins, you  have no control over your feelings. Your dreams wake you up to a bed of sweat, waging a war against your calm peaceful sleep and the anger that's taking over. ...more

Chooseing Life After Loss

  I would love to say that for the last 25 years my life has been one perfect day after another, since I do not live in a book I can't say that. My life like any others has been a bumpy, not always perfect, sometimes harder than others, full of love kind of life. I have survived things I never thought I would and learned lessons I shouldn't of had to learn at such a young age. There has been wrong turns, right turns, bad moves , and good ones. I have laughed and cried (A LOT), but always found out the right thing to do for me and the ones I love. ...more