The Cutthroat Arena of Seasonal Flavors

After spending years being served in college campus coffee shops, lending its aroma to soaps made by empty nesters with Etsy shops, and taking whatever odd pie jobs it could get, pumpkin spice had finally made it to the top. For the entirety of October, pumpkin spice was all the rage in Starbucks lattes, post-poop Febreezed bathrooms, and social media feeds. Pumpkin spice reveled in its long-awaited mainstream acceptance, but it was entirely unprepared for the powerful enemies it would make as a result of its commercial success: the trio of Christmas flavors....more

You're from the 70s, but I'm a 90s Chick

We’re brought up on fairy tales and later, romantic comedy depictions about finding your significant other. While tossing your split ends out the window in the vain hope that prince charming will roll up in his white Mustang to rescue you, you probably had the “Would You Ever Date a Guy That/Who’s _________” conversation with your besties.“Would you ever date a guy that has kids?”“Would you date a guy who’s bald? …What if it’s from a disease?”“Would you ever date a guy who’s 10 years older than you?”...more
This is a fantastic piece, so honest and well-written. I love this line: "a loving relationship ...more