Life is Hard, Beautiful, and Painful

Sometimes, life is hard. Sometimes, it is beautiful. Sometimes, it is painful ....more

Toddler’s Speech & Language Development: What to Expect

I get a lot of questions about toddler speech & language development to my email inbox each week. Concerned parents are wondering: What’s “normal?” There is a VERY WIDE range of “normal” or “typical” when it comes to the development of speech & language in the toddler years (which I refer to as approx 18 months to 3 years). Here are some GENERAL guidelines based on the research on “typical” speech & language development in toddlers....more

Favorite Summer Toy for Early Speech & Language Development: The Water Table {Blog Hop & GIVEAWAY!}

I am THRILLED to be partnering up with some fantastic therapy bloggers this week to bring you valuable recommendations and information AND provide you a chance to WIN a gift card to Amazon so you can purchase a new summer toy for the child(ren) in YOUR life! Here’s how it works: Each of the participating bloggers, who are physical therapists, occupational therapists or speech-language pathologists, will be sharing the developmental benefits of...more

I’m Ready!™ How to Prepare Your Child for Reading Success {Review, Giveaway, & a FREEBIE!}

Recently I shared some information about the relationship between early language skills and literacy skills development in young children. The research is very clear: children with strong early language skills tend to have higher literacy skills later on. Specifically researchers Hart & Risley...more

Happy to be an SLP Blog Hop

WELCOME to the Happy to be an SLP Blog HOP! A bunch of awesome SLP bloggers have joined together to share some fun speech pathology FACTS for you all in honor of Better Hearing & Speech Month…with an opportunity to win some FAB prizes including a...more

Thank You! Each & Every One of You! {Fundraising Update}

Five weeks ago I posted about our Walk to CURE Arthritis SLP Bundle fundraiser. Unbelievably, in just TEN days, you all helped us to raise $2500! And then just ...more

How to Help Your Child Talk: The eBook {Help the Young Children in Your Life Communicate While Helping a Great Cause}

Are you a parent, caregiver, or teacher looking for ways to help a young child talk? Are you a speech pathologist looking for resources to share with your clients on early speech and language development?...more