Online Shopping


Resale vs Retail

I know I am notorious for only buying resale, but I there are some essential key pieces to every woman's wardrobe that are hard to find at resale shops. Sandals (in good condition), maxi skirts, overnight bags, etc...  I have been searching for some neutral/tan sandals to wear this summer so I am not trying to own a thousand different colored ones. I found some cute ones at Target last night on sale. Originally they were $15, all flats are 20%, plus I used Cartwheel and ended up paying like $10. They have a cushiony foundation, which is a must-have in all my flats....more

Financial Peace

Has anyone ever taken Dave Ramsey's Financial Freedom class? It is part of his Financial Peace program. I started it last year and only made it halfway through. I highly recommend everyone try it at least once- and yes there are tons of people who have done it several times. I have heard several couples who have finished the program and have been able to pay off astonishing amounts....more

Oh the woes of moving...

Oh my goodness...has it really been since October since I last posted? My, how time flies. I have moved houses since I last posted and am very happy with my new living arrangement, with the exception of being the only one to pay all bills now. I have had to be frugal and crafty to come up with deposits and other hidden fees. I forgot how expensive it is to move! One savior I have found to make extra money is purging my household. I have donated, sold, and given away so many things....more


Has anyone ever used the app Shopkick? My friend Cortnee sent me a link- and now I'm hooked! I was a bit skeptical about using an app to earn points for free gift cards. I mean nothing is ever really free... I have been using it for almost 2 weeks now and already have $25 to either Target, Old Navy, Best Buy, etc... Its awesome and addictive. You receive points for scanning barcodes and just walking into some stores. Definitely worth trying out!...more

Extreme Couponing... Let the games begin...

My friends have recently gotten into the extreme couponing gig. I did it a few years ago and was threatened by the people I lived with that they would throw everything away if I brought home one more item from "couponing". So this weekend, I bought two Sunday papers thinking I would give this a go again.... I hit the jackpot... ...more

What a weekend!

Thank God for three day weekends! I was able to hit up a variety of stores I normally wouldn’t have time for. My first stop was Potter’s House in Fayetteville. If you get there early on the weekends (or during the week), you will miss the crowd… sometimes…  Potter’s is hit or miss. I think of it as a huge indoor garage sale. Some things are reasonable priced, while other things (or junk) are overpriced.  I have had great luck on finding baby clothes there for my son. Rhea Lana’s donates all their items here after they have their consignment sales....more

My Latest Finds

I decided to show a few examples of great deals I have found recently online and in stores.   Frye Harness 12G Leather Boots in Sand- still sold online at for $398! I bought them for $65 brand new off Craigslist.     Tory Burch Espadrilles in pink....more

Well, hello there!

This will officially be my first attempt at writing a blog, so bear with me! I decided to start one after my coworkers and friends were always asking me how I can afford to wear a different outfit every day of the month. I used to hide my secret about my shopping habits, but now I believe everyone should know how to shop with our economy. You don't have to spend an arm and a leg to look great! I am a Goodwill addict... There I said it....more
Nice start, wish you well with this endeavor. AND you should do really well, as you get the best ...more