The Ro Man's Birth Story (Part All of It)

I usually write birth stories in installments. But this time, I didn't. Which means it's LONG ....more

7 Quick Takes Friday

- 1 - Things are going smoothly enough at casa Rhodes. Just smoothly enough. We're making very slow progress on the remodel, but we're managing most of life's ordinaries: and by that I mean diapers (disposable) and meals ....more


So this blog has been quiet. We moved. We didn't have internet ....more

Favorite Kids Picture Books

I would classify these as family favorites for the 2-4 and 30 year old crowd.Lucy June's favorite book is this one (she's original), and Jake's favorite is this one, and B. J. Novak's book had him practically hyperventilating. I'm pretty partial to this one, but the books that made this list are ones that ALL of us love.This means that the kids like them genuinely, request them incessantly, recite them spontaneously, and they're not too long ....more

Remodel Update

So we're about a week away from moving. Knock. On ....more

7 Quick Takes: A Babymoon and A Remodel

- 1 - Jacob and I were in upstate New York for a wedding a couple weekends ago. A dear friend from grad school got married to a longtime sweetheart, and I was so happy we were able to celebrate with them.This meant - excepting little baby in utero who makes his/her presence known in a consistent variety of ways - we were childless for three whole days and hardly knew what to do with ourselves. The wedding was in Ithaca ....more

Scattered Thoughts on Mothering These Little People

Sometime in the last year Jake has grown up into like a real KID.I'm not used to mothering a real KID. For a long time motherhood was very toddler-y. I could engage him in activities, plop his sister down to watch him, and go along my merry way of interrupted semi-productivity.Then I got sick with baby 3, and when I came out of the haze, Jake was a kid ....more

For the Love of Frozen Yogurt - TCBY Giveaway!!!

If you know me, you know I'm kind of a health nut. I drink bone broth. I put matcha green tea powder and whole lemons in my smoothies ....more

Housing Situations

So we bought a house.Wait!? Didn't you like JUST buy a house and then do some renovations and do a terrible job documenting it here on the blog?Yes. This is true.Last summer we bought a major fixer upper, and we majorly fixed it up, and my laptop hard drive crashed, and we lost all of our before pictures, so all my Before and After Dreams got a lot less exciting ....more

Banana Coconut Cream Popsicles

The kiddos and I made popsicles this morning.They helped pour ingredients into the blender and turn the on and off switch. Their eyes widened with expectation and delight as we filled the molds. And then I whisked the popsicles away and said they wouldn't be ready till after naps ....more