Lessons from the Garden

35 Things I've Learned After 35 Years



Brokenness and Community

My sewing machine is broken. Or its user is. Maybe both....more

I Promise: Vows for My Dearest Friends


Easy DIY Instagram Magnets

I have taken thousands of photos on my phone. Tens of thousands. And I've shared many of them with the world through my Instagram feed. But once I put them out there, they get shuffled to my Instagram archive and out of my mind....more
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What Happens When You Take the Facebook No-Like Challenge?

A post by Schmutzie has been making its way around the internet for almost a year. She writes about how she quit liking things on Facebook for two weeks and found herself more connected to her Facebook community. I didn't find it until a few months ago, but when I did, I decided to try her idea for myself. ...more
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Boiled Peanuts (Or How to Be A Southerner)

Denise It was such a treat for me to have them at home since normally I've only ever eaten them ...more

Vegan Caprese Skewers

You would think that, as a sometimes food blogger, potlucks would be my jam. I'd show up with something amazingly delicious, and everyone would ooh and ah as they took seconds and asked for the recipe....more