On Coming Home

It's no secret that I l-o-v-e to travel.And maybe as much as I love the actual travel part, I am obsessed with the anticipation part. The planning. The hunting for places and things and prices and treasures to settle the itinerary just tightly or loosely enough ....more

24 Hours in San Francisco

Last week, my friend Rustin informed me that he was coming to San Francisco for exactly 24 hours. Thanks to El Nino, that turned into 20 hours due to flight delays. Not to be deterred, we set out on a San Francisco highlights tour, curated by none other than me and organized by whatever I felt like doing ....more

My New Year's Trip to Panama

Hola!See how good I am at the Spanish? OK so I've been back from Panama for a couple weeks and I kept meaning to post pictures and tell stories but it just felt like such a large task that I was dragging my feet. (Literally I hurt one of my feet working out this weekend and have been shuffling around ....more

On the Adaptive Nature of Happiness

Earlier today, I decided to buy my favorite salad for dinner....but, the restaurant was closed.Foiled. So, I went up the street to a different restaurant, with a different salad in mind....but, that particular salad was only a limited-time special and was no longer on the menu. So, I ordered a different salad and some kind of butternut squash soup, and went on my way and made do.Blah blah blah, metaphors, analogies, you catch my intro drift.Earlier this week, while probably daydreaming through something else I was supposed to be focusing on, my mind turned to the topic of happiness ....more

Chasing the Cheese After-Party

I got a professional facial yesterday.I've never done that before. But there was this 2-for-1 deal and my face was all caked in who knows what humidity-induced nonsense from my recent trip to Panama (! pictures soon) ....more

The Reason(s) for the Season

One of my favorite things about the holiday season is the variety.I love asking people what their holiday traditions were growing up. I loved my own childhood holiday traditions, and I love how they've evolved and changed as my family has evolved and changed. I heard a story recently about a man who felt disappointed that he received so many cards labeled "Happy Holidays" because he felt that it robbed the season of the reason HE held most dear in his religious practices (and there's the articles all over the Internet expressing the same sentiment, in all ways and all directions).Christmas is a bit of an interesting area for me, since I spent most years of my life celebrating it religiously, then a couple years feeling conflicted about that aspect, and this year feeling just....not...very religious about it ....more

And here's to you, 2015

I cracked open my new day planner today. I'm a die-hard sucker for an actual paper day planner. Ironic, since a good majority of my daily work revolves around digital scheduling ....more

Tumble Dry Low

Have you ever put a pair of shoes in the dryer?Or overalls, with all those extra metal pieces. Or anything really that makes an irregular bump, thud or clack as the cycle tumbles round and round.This is an analogy that fuses well with my brain. All the normal thoughts, the day-to-days, the mundanes, the what-will-I-wears and the where-are-my-keys and the did-I-pay-the-bills, just spin smoothly around in a predictable loop, sorting themselves out a bit at a time as they fluff and expand ....more

A Very NOLA Thanksgiving

Blogging is a lot like exercise. The less you do it, the harder it is to motivate yourself to start. You may think this is a random analogy, but I actually feel this way about both blogging and exercise right now ....more

A Wrist Full of Wooden Watch

Growing up, I was never one for wearing watches. Or eating fish. Or macaroni.But sometime in my early 20s, I was struck by a fish craving ....more