5 Simple Rules for Being a Grown-A** Woman

....well, according to me anyway.Pinterest lists amuse me. 15 Five-Minute No-Fuss Hairdos! 30 Steps to Kardashian Glutes! ...more


and it awakescrisp breaks of fire and frosta synchronic pullof burn and coola lullaby waxingto the waning thrum of sweltry summerthat singe of ruby and spicethat birth of flame and asha charcoal slateand fresh pageswith smoky edgesthat crinkle under hand and footseptembera perennial emberthat carves and takesand clears a spacecreates a hollowsparks and scrapesthen soothes with icy hushand tips you forwardempty and full and raw and ready ...more

bare-faced & angry

today i was angrytoday i didn't wear makeup, because i was angryearlier this week, i watched that old Dove Evolution video, where they show the physical and digital makeover performed on a female model before she's deemed worthy to be on a billboardlast night at the presidential debates, ms. clinton called out mr. trump for his past derogatory comments about [insert many things, but also] a woman's physical appearance[insert any time/day], i grow weary of my MBA textbooks featuring stories rife with male characters and bereft of female presencethis morning, i parked my car next to a group of menand i had to pause and think, do i feel like getting out of my car or waiting a minute ....more

Livin' La Vida Espana (...I went to Spain...)

Back at it again with the travel bug!With a less busy period at work and a break from school coinciding on my calendar, I couldn't help but hop on a plane to a new somewhere. The destination of choice this time: Spain!I originally planned to hit up Spain last year but ultimately chose Italy instead. Newly inspired this year by the travels of my amiga Camille, it bumped back up in my list and, spoiler alert, I was not disappointed.Spain is....flavorful! ...more

7 Travel Tips for Social Media Safety

Occasionally, while scrolling through my social media feeds, I cringe and think, "Oh no, please, don't do that."...more

You Don't Know Your Story Yet

Let me tell you what I wish I’d known When I was young and dreamed of glory You have no control Who lives Who dies Who tells your story If you're unfamiliar, that line comes from the musical Hamilton.Which, I saw in New York in March. YAYAt work, I interact with cohorts of recent PhD grads who are transitioning into new roles -- taking their research backgrounds and learning to use it in ways that local tech companies want to hire. Neat.Recently, we had a session where we chatted about some of their anxieties around the phase of the program we're now in -- the interview phase! ...more

My Blue Apron Review

This is a story, all about how......I never cooked and then started trying. For the last couple years of my life, I had jobs that included the perk of free food. Translation: I fell hard out of the habit of cooking, ate out a lot on weekends and/or scrounged for oatmeal in the back of my cupboard ....more

And then it was June

what.a.month.Happy Summer, one and all! It's officially upon us. And I've been up to some big things! ...more

The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F***

The title of this post is the title of the book I've been reading lately.Er, listening to lately. I've rediscovered space in my life for audio books and podcasts since I started spending more time in my car (see: commuting to school at night).You might recognize the cadence of the book title from its rampantly popular inspiration, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. In that book, the author teaches you the art of decluttering your life by honestly and carefully deciding what physical possessions you REALLY need, and parting ways with the things you don't.Inspired by the concept, author Sarah Knight wrote her own spin on the idea -- honestly and carefully deciding what things and people you are allocating your emotional/social/etc resources to.Subtitle: How to Stop Spending Time You Don't Have with People You Don't Like Doing Things You Don't Want to DoOne key is to view your emotional resources as finite, with a limit, like a bank account ....more

Thrifting for Earth Day (pssst sale codes)

Ready for a secret? For the last few years, I've bought most of my clothes on eBay.I have a system. I get brand names for super cheap ....more