On Moving Past It

The title is kind of ironic because this post is actually about the....not moving....and the trying to move...and.... Let me 'splain. First, you should all know that I just went out on my first OkCupid date ....more

The Great OkCupid Dating Experiment

OK, it's not really an "experiment" (because that makes me feel like I'm treating men like lab rats) and the "great" is potentially debatable, but, it made for a good blog title, right? I've blogged a few times in the past about my dabblings (is that a noun) with online dating. I don't know what it is about me and online dating, but we don't totally mix ....more

Happy Diwali // Festival of Lights

Did you know today is Diwali?I'd never heard of this holiday before, but I interact with a lot of people at work who live in India. I looked it up and was immediately hooked.Here's what wikipedia schooled me about this day: "Diwali, also known as Deepavali and the 'festival of lights,' is an ancient Hindu festival celebrated in autumn every year. The festival spiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil, and hope over despair. .. ....more

Little Things & Tummy Laughs

I enjoyed my few minutes of free writing so much yesterday that I'm doing it again today.And it's funny what the act of blogging will do to put you in the mood for more blogging. You know what I mean? The juices in my brain were flowing better today than they have in awhile ....more

A Tuesday Afternoon 7-Minute Free Write

I am allowing myself exactly 7 minutes to blog. So, let's do this.I love my new job. I love it because it's busy, and I feel like I'm solving puzzles all day ....more

someday you'll return to it

Sometimes I have spiritual moments at concerts.OK, I frequently have spiritual moments at concerts. I go to a lot of concerts, you know? There's just something enlightening about the pulse of the music, the stars over your head and the swell of the crowd....oh yeah, and all that secondhand weed ....more

thirsty for rain

Here's a truth: I almost never write my blog posts actually IN Blogger.They usually come together via notes on my phone, scraps of paper and sticky notes, and a draft email I keep open at work for writing down random thoughts without having to keep a whole browser tab open for Blogger because browser tabs are precious in my line of work, I go through dozens and dozens a day, let me tell you.I have this little lull happening right now between finishing my work (much earlier than any other night this week, hallelujah!) and going to check out a biweekly frisbee game with people who work here. I'm a little intimidated. I'm always intimidated about playing with a new group ....more

this, right now

One thing I try to avoid doing is blogging about lack of blogging.Like, when I haven't written in a few days...or weeks....should I explain myself? And you know how I used to post on the daily like clockwork, but now it's more like once a week? And I used to have sticky notes FULL of blog ideas...too many to fit on the calendar....and now the canvas just feels sort of blank most days?All the time I think, "Maybe I should blog about that." And then I start thinking it through, and I ultimately decide I don't have that much to say....or it's already been said....or that I'm boring myself so I probably shouldn't publish anything ....more

The Next Books of Book Club

Book Club is my most favorite.It all started a few months ago when a friend suggested that we start a book club....and quickly grew to be one of my favorite nights of every month. I love being surrounded by a group of smart, articulate, passionate, feminist, hilarious, outspoken women all in one place. Plus, there's snacks! ...more

For the Love/Hate of Running

Last weekend, I participated in my 4th Ragnar Relay. I say "participated" because, thanks to the groin/hip injury I'm slowwwwly healing from, I had to opt out of actually running this year. But, I still wanted to hang out and support my team, so I went along as the van driver/team mom/holiday cheermeister ....more