Art and Craft and New to BlogHer

Hi there! I recently joined BlogHer and just posted my first BlogHer blog so I thought I'd introduce myself and say hello. I blog a few times a week over at I just started blogging 3 months ago and already I'm hooked. ...more

and the WES. I want to go!

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Are You a Junker of Fine Junk?

Recently I'm full of energy to purge my house of clutter and also to re-examine and revitalize my junk collections. And all this has me thinking and dreaming and scheming about beloved junk. Yes, junk and junking and junkers! "Junking" is a term that entered into my vocabulary somewhat recently. I was struck when my dear friend, Kehren Barbour, introduced herself as a fourth generation junker. It sounded so important, declarative, and inherited nonetheless! ...more

How wonderful! Many thanks to you...

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