weekend re-entry.

I've learned that I need at least a day or two of cushion between returning from vacation, and returning to work. It helps me to get settled again, and allows me to mentally & physically unpack. This weekend proved to be very busy, so the extra time was much appreciated... ....more

Barb & Kat's Excellent Adventures: NOLA.

I loved the variety & creativity....more

she. he. me.


what are you waiting for?

A small observation for today... Becky (one of my BFFs) and I had an email conversation about waiting last week. I don't remember what prompted it, but we both quickly rattled off what we're each waiting for - waiting until I sell the house, waiting until I lose 10lbs, waiting until summer, waiting until the weekend, waiting until the chores on done...and on & on ....more

welcoming the light of may.

We've had a streak of grey, rainy days lately....so a moment of light streaming through the living room window is cause for celebration (or at least documentation)....more

you're my favorite (april).

A few things that I loved in April... Starbucks Vanilla Macchiato - this would count as a favorite since pretty much the moment that it launched...which is a little weird b/c I usually avoid vanilla flavoring in coffee (there's something about the combo that makes me wheeze. for reals.)....more

2014 Project Life. Weeks 14 & 15.

Well, my plan to switch back to actually working on Project Life on a weekly basis was foiled by...projects and life. So, just feeling my way through this year. Week 14 had a day trip to NYC, the hope of spring weather, and April goals....more

around here.

The house went on the market on Saturday, and into MLS on Monday. We've had three showings. I'm equal parts excited and overwhelmed ....more

a weekend away.

The kids & I headed to Maine for a quick weekend away. Fresh air, crashing waves, and good food. Simple, but excellent....more

magic & miracles.

My great-Aunt Betty uses "magic & miracles" as her signature line, so the combo always reminds me of her....more