Glow Yoga! What a concept!

Friday night I'd heard about a local yoga event being put on at Curtis Hixon Park in downtown Tampa by Lululemon Hyde Park and was debating on going...mostly because on Friday nights I'm usually an old grandma and want to get to bed early. Hubs wanted to come ... and I immediately asked "you? yoga? in public? So that night we headed out to do the dang thing! There was a ton of people already there by 830pm!...more

An easy way to get your veggies, atleast how I do

I am pretty excited to post a follow up to my July Goals post! I've been good about shopping, finished a LOT of pending to-dos....including these cute lil things that went out last week and this week AND we have leftovers (not sure what to do with them yet but seems like a positive thing?) * Our thank you cards via Vistaprint Just a few days and we're into August! Lately I've been getting tons of questions from peeps about what vitamins to take....more

TRX Suspension Training

When I did personal training about a couple of years ago (getting back into the fitness bizz I had to recruit help, I was a stubborn lil thing,) I remember my PT having me use suspension handles to do lat pull ups, etc. I didn't understand the concept at first...straps...handles...what the heck?! But in the end, I really did enjoy using my own weight versus dumbells for a change of pace and it was an awesome strength workout. I'd then heard of TRX Suspension training for some time now as it was at other local gyms....more