Climb Out of the Darkness Local Grant Applications Now Open!

Postpartum Progress’ Climb Out of the Darkness®...more

Birth Trauma: Coping with Triggers

The following is a guest post written by Karin Beschen, a Warrior Mom living in Iowa with her husband and two sons. ...more

Postpartum Progress Announces Mental Health First Aid Training

Postpartum Progress is thrilled...more

Is Your Medication Working for You? Here’s A New App To Help You Find Out

There’s probably nothing Postpartum Progress hears about more from moms than their concerns about taking medication as a treatment for postpartum depression, postpartum anxiety and all other perinatal mental illnesses. Is it safe? Why do I need an antidepressant? ...more

Recovery from Intrusive Thoughts

After my recent pieces about intrusive thoughts here at Postpartum Progress (which you can find here and here – please use caution in clicking over as these are both potentially triggering posts), I have received a number of emails from several women. While these are of course, private in nature, what I want to share […] The post Recovery from Intrusive Thoughts appeared first on Postpartum Progress ....more


Today, I did something for myself. I went to a salon and had my hair done. Not just a simple trim, wash, and go ....more

Guest Post: Doing It All Again

I had the pleasure of meeting Graeme in Boston at the first ever Warrior Mom™ Conference this past July. She’s simply fabulous and her hugs are amazing. She’s also wholly dedicated to mamas with Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorders ....more

Intrusive Thoughts: A Conversation

Yesterday, I wrote “Let’s Talk About Intrusive Thoughts.” Today? I’ve intertwined stories from moms (including myself) who have all experienced intrusive thoughts in one form or another during their postpartum experience. For one mom, she didn’t experience them until her son was two and she was off medication, something that made the experience even more […] The post Intrusive Thoughts: A Conversation appeared first on Postpartum Progress ....more

Let’s Talk About Intrusive Thoughts

This post deals with Intrusive Thoughts. If you are struggling, fragile, or easily influenced by reading the intrusive thoughts and obsessions of others, please avoid reading this post. For those who choose to stop reading now, I want you to know at the very least that you are not alone ....more

Why No One Invests in Maternal Mental Health

Yesterday I shared some reasons why moms can’t get help for postpartum depression or anxiety. Or depression or anxiety during pregnancy. Or postpartum psychosis or bipolar disorder ....more