Peer to Peer Support Proves Effective In Fighting Postpartum Depression

Those of us active in the PPD community have long hailed the benefit of peer to peer support when it comes to helping mothers combat postpartum depression and anxiety. Now a new study has been published which strengthens the claim that moms helping moms makes a difference. The anecdotal study, “Quasi-experimental evaluation of a telephone-based […] The post Peer to Peer Support Proves Effective In Fighting Postpartum Depression appeared first on Postpartum Progress ....more

Self Forgiveness in Healing

Most of us have heard that forgiveness is a healing step toward recovery. When we read these words, we think of applying the act of forgiveness to the people in our lives. But do we think about the character most central to our lives, and our healing? ...more

Dear PPD & Gang — A Poem About Surviving Postpartum Depression

The Postpartum Progress Private Forum is a special place. Hundreds of moms come together online, day in and day out, to support one another through their battles with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. The conversations there are uplifting and full of hope ....more

Connecting is Just the Beginning: How Blogging and Online Community Supported Me Through PPD

Today’s guest post is an excerpt from The Digital Mystique: How the Culture of Connectivity Can Empower Your Life—Online and Off by Sarah Granger. The summer of 2005 found me in a distressing place. I was on vacation in London with my husband—and was six months pregnant with my daughter—when I started experiencing Braxton-Hicks contractions ....more

Mommy Shoes – Parenting While Recovering From PPD

Please welcome Mirjam Rose to...more

Mental Health After Postpartum

Mental health, after postpartum “ends,” becomes a rough path. The only thing rougher is trying to leave the path and walk alone. I don’t recommend trying to walk alone ....more

Warrior Mom Conference Countdown

There’s nothing like connecting with another mom who has been through postpartum depression, anxiety, OCD, psychosis, or has experienced any of these illnesses during pregnancy. ...more

Mental Illness Didn’t Crush My Dream of a Family

Photo Credit: carf via Compfight cc I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder after experiencing two manic episodes in the same month, each requiring hospitalization. At the time I was devastated and felt as though...more

Research uncovers various classes of PPD

Humans compare themselves to others around them. She has prettier hair. He has a nicer car ....more

How Women of Color Can Manage The Impact of Acculturative Stress and Discrimination During Pregnancy

Today I’m thrilled to have Dr. Lekeisha Sumner with us to share insight on two very common types of stress women of color may experience during pregnancy and tips on how we can manage both....more