Handling Negative Comments with Postpartum Depression

One of the most difficult aspects to my Postpartum depression and anxiety were the negative comments. When someone would ask me how I could be so sad when I had a beautiful baby, my spirits would sink. My guilt would compound and I would berate myself ....more

Overcoming Resistance in Therapy

Changing our habits is one of the most conscientious things we do in our lives. It’s more than training yourself to drink eight glasses of water, or to exercise for an hour each day. Changing our habits means retraining our mindset, and not just our bodies ....more

Depression setback or just a bad day?

Many people who have experienced depression (of any sort) know what it feels like when you start slipping. That’s how I’ve always described it – it generally isn’t really one giant, fell-swoop sort of crash, but more like that feeling you get when you’re sitting in your car and you realize the parking brake isn’t […] The post Depression setback or just a bad day? appeared first on Postpartum Progress ....more

Warrior Moms Are Key to Fighting Stigma

I had the thrill and honor recently to attend the...more

WTFP?!: Why Access To Women’s Healthcare Matters

Recently, on a Thursday, I went to have my annual physical exam. I was completely shocked when, during the breast exam, my gynecologist found a lump. Just a few days later, on Tuesday, I had a diagnostic mammogram ....more

Let’s Talk About Sex (and PPD)

Sex after baby. We all know the cliche about its nonexistance – after all, the sleepless nights, the leaky breasts, and the lack of personal space that accompany a newborn aren’t exactly aphrodisiacs. But sex after postpartum depression? ...more

The Importance of Connecting

I recently got the chance to sit around the table with some amazing women and talk about what I do every day and how it has impacted my life and the lives of others. This might be one of my favorite topics, given how social media and blogging has changed my life. I feel like […] The post The Importance of Connecting appeared first on Postpartum Progress ....more

Taking an Active Role in Your Postpartum Recovery

Belief Shared community Information These items are the beginning tools for a successful recovery from postpartum mood disorder. I say this confidently, because I believe in recovery being possible. I was once someone who never felt that I’d be normal again nor that I’d ever find my way back to who I used to be ....more

When You Compare Yourself To Mothers Without Postpartum Mood Disorder

From my viewpoint, everyone around me had it together. I saw the dark-haired mom seated on the other sofa in the gathering room. Her hair was smooth and fell neatly to her shoulders ....more

Warrior Moms and Social Media: Benefits and Pitfalls

My lifeline throughout my recovery from postpartum depression and postpartum anxiety was social media. ...more