Warrior Mom Wall Announcement

We all have stories to tell. Stories filled with victories, with curve balls, and stories filled with heart. We want your stories on our Warrior Wall at Postpartum Progress’ first Warrior Mom Conference, the first EVER patient-centered maternal mental health conference ....more

Sprinkles of Self-Care

I push self-care a lot in the #PPDChat world. Why? Because it was one of the biggest things that helped me and also because as mothers, we often forget to mother the most important person in our lives -ourselves ....more


“Enjoy every moment, won’t you?” I offer a watery smile and nod but inside my blood freezes and my heart pounds with the anxiety that has come to constantly plague me like an unwelcome guest. Because how can I? How can I enjoy every moment of what is hailed such a precious time when […] The post Moments appeared first on Postpartum Progress ....more

Postpartum Progress Impact Report 2014

If you’re like me, Postpartum Progress has impacted your life in more ways than one. After having my daughter in 2010, I discovered this powerful community of Warrior Moms at a time when I needed it most. I not only found invaluable information, but also felt the kindness, care and dedication of so many during...more

Homestead Warriors Photo Collage

Did you see our big announcement on Friday? ...more

Announcing Homestead Warriors

Postpartum Progress’...more

Ours: A story of bringing home the first baby

I can’t. That’s what I thought. I can’t ....more

A story of Postpartum OCD, intrusive thoughts, and hope

I remember each part of my OCD clearly. It began one night as I was nursing my son, Easton. I was home alone with the kids because my husband travels for work ....more

Passing the Bed

He has asked so many questions that don’t have answers and I’m just so tired. I ask him to help his brother. I say, “He’s going to get hurt, can you help him?” “Why will he get hurt?” I answer through gritted teeth, “He just will! ...more

Postpartum Depression: A Feminist Issue

Do not dismiss postpartum depression with a shrug and an eye roll, Ms. Albert. ...more