VIDEO: Reactions after Barack Obama Takes the DNC Stage for First Time!

Senator Barack Obama made his first appearance at the DNC! The surprise showing came after Senator and VP candidate Joe Biden spoke. Both outside and inside Pepsi Center in downtown Denver, everyone exploded with enthusiasm! Here are two reactions. ...more

DNC 2008 - Governor Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH)

Momocrat Julie Pippert interviews New Hampshire Governor Jeanne Shaheen for both Momocrats & BlogHer. ...more

 Here's a great introduction to Governor Shaheen and her campaign: more

VIDEO: BlogHer08 Community Keynote! (Part 1)

First part of the 1st ever BlogHer Community Keynote. Eden Kennedy curated Friday night's live blog readings. More will be posted, either in the comments section or at   ...more

Bloghers Who Love to Shop!

At the closing reception at Macy's Union Square, I caught Mocha Momma, Fausta Wertz (from Fausta's Blog), and Xiaolin Mama getting their shopping on with their cocktails! More videos from blogher08 and the party at this link. (Mocha Momma had a pair of gorgeous pink stilletos on before buying these! The woman knows shoes.) ...more

VIDEO: Blogher08 Radical Moms!

At last year's BlogHer conference, I loved the mommyblogging sessions. They were full of spirited, lively and intelligent discussions. And the session I attended Friday morning was no exception. The question for all of these women...Is MommyBlogging still a radical act? Moderated by Lindsay Ferrier, the panelists were: Polly Pagenhart (Lesbian Dad), Maria (Immoral Matriarch), and Charlene Li (Forrester's Groundswell and also blogs at I didn't ID ...more

I was in the thick of the civil rights movement, marching with Dr. King to Montgomery and of ...more

Blogher08 First Night Party!

Erin Kotecki-Vest ( chats with BlogHer co-founder, Lisa Stone, about what to expect at this year's conference. ...more

BlogHer co-founder, Jory Des Jardins, welcomes bloghers and
introduces the wii ...more

What Humans Do With Artificial Intelligence

Elisa Camahort moderates discussion about technology, social spaces, blogging women and the power of the internet. Guest speakers include tech visionary Esther Dyson, She's Such a Geek editor & tech journalist Annalee Newitz and Slideshare CEO Rashmi Sinha. ...more

Project Runway's Chloe Dao at BlogHer 07

At BlogHer 07, Project Runway's second season winner, Chloe Dao, says she wants to vlog and see women realize their own personal style. ...more

I love the t-shirt I made at the BlogHer party...and I'd like to make some of the others. Did ...more

Elizabeth Edwards at BlogHer 07 Part 7

This is the last part of Elizabeth Edwards' speech. She talks about renewing her marriage vows with husband, John Edwards. ...more

I did not get a good shot of her. Not so much because of my angle, but because of the windows ...more

Elizabeth Edwards at Blogher 07 Part 6

In part 6, Elizabeth Edwards answers questions about senior care, infotainment, and personal stories being the genius behind blogs ...more