It’s been another beautiful weekend and I spent it running errands, doing chores, reading, and cooking. I brought most of the outside plants in today, putting them into the mudroom to acclimate them before bringing them in completely. This week has been warm, but it’s slowly become colder and I believe tonight we may have our first frost ....more

I love autumn

It’s a beautiful Sunday evening as I write this and it’s been a perfect autumn day. I got a lot of things done on this beautiful Sunday and took my time doing them. It felt good to savor it all ....more

And so it goes

I have been so absent online lately. There are a number of blogs, some who I consider good friends, that I always visited on a daily basis. I used to write in this space on an almost-daily basis, too ....more

What I like best

It’s Friday night and it’s been a really busy week but I do have a fun weekend planned. At this time, I’d like to apologize to my regular readers for my sporadic attempts at publishing this month. Last weekend ....more

From the air

This past Tuesday marked the 1-year anniversary of my husband’s death. I started thinking about it a couple of months ago and decided to get out of town and away for a few days. I was going back and forth as to where to go when out of the blue, my friend Sherrie called ....more

Sunday glorious Sunday

Note: This was written yesterday and I’d forgotten to post it. I was finally able to turn off the AC units today after having them on for an entire week – something I had not yet done this summer. This summer has been the most pleasant as far as weather goes ....more

I could have been a sailor; could have been a cook

Those lyrics are from an old Nick Drake song that I was listening to while editing one of the photos on this post. Actually, I was listening to much of the Garden State soundtrack which includes an old tune from Simon & Garfunkle that I love....more

Just keep me where the light is

I am sitting here in my air-conditioned living room on this soggy, fog-enshrouded Labor Day morning. I’ve just returned home after spending a quiet weekend with friends in NJ and George and I left this morning, like we often do, before anyone was awake....more

New beginnings

School starts tomorrow, marking the culmination of half of everything we worked for this summer. The other half was spent closing out the old year. So it’s back to the beginning of another year, back to wearing proper attire and actual jewelry, back to 2-day weekends, and back to being interrupted several hundred times during the day ....more

New fall movies

It’s no secret how much I love good cinematic escape. Today I stumbled on a link that took me to so many movies that are coming out between Sept. and Christmas ....more