Mercury In Fish: Safe Harbor to the Rescue

I wanted to let BlogHer readers know I just posted an article about the problem of mercury in fish, and a new company that is testing and labeling fish, and making it available for grocery stores to sell.  I interviewed the CEO of Safe Harbor Malcolm Wittenberg, who shared how he feels the FDA guidelines are not enough to protect us from the high amounts of mercury in most fish.  ...more

Eco-Friendly Gift Giving Series on Non-Toxic Kids

Recently on Non-Toxic Kids I've been posting an Eco-Friendly Gift Giving Series, sharing my favorites for safer products for children and families.  In the coming weeks I'll be posting more of my favorite small family run businesses that promote non-toxic, environmentally safe practices.  Here are a few of my recent posts in this series.  Cheaper Organic Clothing for Babies ...more

Toxic Play Sand and Play Sets-

Did you know that play sand for sandboxes you can buy at most superstores contains cancer causing ingredients if the powder is inhaled? And what kid while playing in sand doesn't breathe in or even eat some sand?  I wrote about this problem over at Non-Toxic Kids and I thought I would spread the word over to Blogher as we start the warmer season of outdoor play.  You'll find information about the toxins it can contain, what to do about it and some safer choices.  ...more

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Lisa Stone
BlogHer ...more

BPA Post Roundup (a tired parent's summary of helpful BPA posts)--

(cross posted at Non-Toxic Kids) The environmental health blogs and mainstream news outlets are buzzing with lots of BPA news. It certainly looks like the tides are changing, but until the U.S. bans BPA in all products for all people, its important for everyone to limit their exposure to this toxic chemical. In light of this, I am recapping some of the previous posts on Non-Toxic Kids that might be helpful to parents as they decide what to use, what to pitch (Ugh! Piles of BPA laden water bottles in landfills-), and what to buy. ...more

The Baby Gizmo Buying Guide, by Heather Maclean and Hollie Schultz (book review and giveaway!)--

(cross posted at When I was pregnant with my first daughter, a couple that we were good friends with were also expecting. After talking to folks they knew who had kids, my friend carefully crafted a "must get" list for baby. He promptly sent me a copy of this hand scrawled list, with his researched picks in many categories, and with a minimalist sensibility that we agreed on. This was a good start.  ...more

Stay Vigilant about Lead in Toys, Jewelry, and Feeding Gear—

I had the honor to testify last week in support of a bill that would significantly reduce the exposure of Vermont's children to lead. I expressed parents' worries about lead in products, and the fact that there is no one place that lists or even tests the billions of children's products out there. The panel seemed surprised to learn that items that have been recalled in other states are still for sale in Vermont (and many other states). In fact, I was reading in Parents magazine the other day that it is even LEGAL in other states to sell recalled items. I stopped, and read this again. ...more

Tell me Your Stories about Lead in Children's Products (and I'll share it with people who can do something about it!)--

I just got an email this morning from Elliot Burg, Vermont's assistant Attorney General, about testifying in support of a bill that would prevent lead poisoning of children by exposure to lead in consumer products. It would be the toughest anti-lead bill in the nation, and in the absence of federal legislation limiting lead exposure, the states are left to go it alone to protect their kids. It's a great bill that would significantly reduce the exposure of kids to lead from consumer products we all know are still out there, on store shelves. I'm thrilled to support it and hope I can help. ...more

Toxic Fabric Softeners (smells like a fresh chemical mountain stream!)--

Cross-posted at Non-Toxic Kids ( One of my friends alerted me to the fact that those fabric softener sheets some folks use are chock full of nasty chemicals. I've never used them myself (what! add another step to laundry? I can barely wash my clothes, and my family's clothes, let alone remember to add something else when I do--), but I know people who do. ...more

Hi I like you am very concerned with the chemicals that surround us.  So I am putting a big ...more

Do You Eat Fish?

cross-posted at Non-Toxic Kids at I am a vegetarian, and have been for a long, long time. But I do worry about my girls getting enough Omega-3 fatty acids in their diets, and of course protein. So, we've given our daughter wild salmon before (with my husband cooking it- I can't get over the skin thing). I've avoided farmed salmon because of the environmental problems associated with it--and there are many (read this for more information). ...more

Got a Kid with a Food Allergy? Avoid Bakery Items at the Grocery Store--

cross posted at Non-Toxic Kids at A few months ago I went to a party with my two girls. There was all sorts of yummy food there for everyone (and I was thrilled to not have to cook). I found some dark chocolaty brownies in the kitchen and kept sneaking back there to have a bite (or two or three--). Finally, my two year old daughter followed me there and asked for some. It was only a matter of time! ...more