Oh Kay!

One of the promises I made to myself back in January when I celebrated the fourth anniversary of my Blogger blog was that I wanted to write and comment more here at BlogHer and get more connected in the Blogosphere so here I am finally.  I hope the adventure I call life lets me keep this commitment but I'm old enough to know that life happens when you're busy making other plans -- in fact, I'm probably the poster child for that.  I won't promise great wisdom or fancy rhetoric.  My interests cover a broad spectrum from aging to zeitgeist so&n...more

Hello Blogher!

Hi! I'm Kay Dennison and a relatively new blogger, i.e., less than a year. I've been writing for years because 'not writing' hasn't been in my vocabulary since I started school at age 6 and they gave me one of those big fat pencils! Fifty-three years later, I'm still at it although the computer is now my favorite writing implement. ...more