Who determines womanhood?

Last week it was announced TO THE WORLD that Caster Semenya is in fact a woman and is able to compete in athletic events as a woman. Why the global effort to determine the gender of one person on this planet?...more

An Embarrassing Admission

It’s embarrassing to think that I didn’t pay attention to my own history. When I reflect on the history of civil rights or women’s rights, I have painfully ignored many of the women and men who helped secure my liberties and freedoms in this country. Sometimes, the past was just so hurtful; I chose ignorance instead of inquisition....more

Where's the Professional Hockey League for Women?

Last night was game six five of the NHL’s Stanley Cup Finals. Normally, I wouldn’t pay much attention to the finals of any major sport but this is the first time since 1971 that the Chicago Blackhawks have been in the Stanley Cup finals. The operative word is Chicago and this town has Blackhawk fever! Hockey has been the lead for local newscasts....more

Kung Fu Grannies: Women Who Fight

When I read the headline “Kung fu grannies ready to fight rapists” I immediately clicked on the link. I was angry. I love the martial arts and I think self defense is necessary for all women and girls, but I wondered who would harm someone’s grandmother?The article goes on to state that “1 in 5 rape victims in Kenya is over the age of 60” and the men rape the grandmothers in the belief that they will be cured of AIDS or that they will be “cleansed” of prior crimes. I’m not sure I believe any of the reasons. What’s going to cleanse them of the crime of rape?...more