Pumpkin Nutella Swirl Muffins – Perfect Fall Breakfast Recipe

I know pumpkin is pretty much considered a fall food but it is a staple in our house year round. As it turns out, pumpkin is really good for little ones with GI issues and so you can always find me adding a big spoonful of pumpkin to just about everything Scarlette eats for breakfast, pancakes, oatmeal, etc. I really wanted to mix up our muffins (no pun intended) but the thing is, I am terrible at altering recipes ....more

Overheard In My House: Lip Stain and Shaving Cream

This picture has nothing to do with this post, I just love her backwards boots and concentration face An entire tube of lip stain spilled into my makeup bag, which has proved to be a huge pain. First of all, I tried to wash it off of my other products and ended up completely dying my hands red in the process. On a Friday morning ....more

Mothers Of Daughters: Stories About Scarlette and Starfish

I rolled out of bed early to watch the sun rise over the ocean, with feet tucked tight underneath me and hands wrapped around a coffee cup. It is our last day here and I tie my salt-soaked hair up in bun and then quietly steal in her room as I hear her stirring. I carry her down the boardwalk, her head nestled on my shoulder and arms wrapped tight around my neck because it is early and she is sleep laden...more

Sweet eBook Deal – The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle

(This post is not sponsored but does use affiliate links because I love these bundles) Remember how last week I mentioned that the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle would be going on sale soon? It’s live today! I just got mine and it is full of great stuff – ebooks, e-courses and even physical products! ...more

MOPS Craft: Glitter Dipped Feather Nametag Necklaces

This year I am one of the crafts coordinators for our local Mothers Of Preschoolers (MOPS) group. It has been over a year since I last posted any paper-crafting projects to this blog...more

Scarlette’s Invisible Friends

Scarlette has three invisible friends, possibly four if you count Tyler although Tyler tends to function as more of an alter-ego. Like yesterday she took her shoes off in the car, which is not allowed. Mostly because it drives me crazy to have to wrangle...more

How To Get The Ultimate Healthy Living eBook Bundle For Free!

Hey y’all, I wanted to quickly share this with y’all this weekend – I bought one of these bundles (The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle) this past year and loved it. They include TONS of helpful e-books from well known authors...more

The One With All The Feels

Mommy & Scarlette | August 2014 I made a new friend recently, which is a sentence that feels weird to say when you are in your thirties. Like, I say that to my three year old “Did you make any new friends today?” Except the thing is, it’s kind of hard to make new friends when you are in your thirties and have a toddler and a husband that works weird hours. One of the reasons that I joined the leadership team for my MOPS group was that I figured it would force people to be friends with me ....more

Help, I Lost My Silhouette Cameo Ratchet Cap!

A super quick post today because I thought this would be helpful to some of my paper crafting friends! I actually do still make crafty things despite the lack of evidence of such things on this blog for the past several months. I was working on cutting out some pretty feathers for our MOPS theme this year and I discovered that I had lost the ratchet cap to my Silhouette Cameo blade ....more