The Perils Of Passport Offices

On Friday, the day that the world was abuzz about what color The Dress was, I had to go to the passport office because J and I had let ours expire. Getting new passports has been on my to-do list forever but...more

Grab Your Passport And My Hand

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Groupon Getaways. All opinions are 100% mine. The other night J and I went to have passport photos made, which was a bit of an experience on account of how I am very, very pale and so the first set of photos they took of me came out with just a white blur where my face is supposed to be ....more

Nice To Meet You, Where You Been

A couple of months ago I filmed this little video (with the help of my new friends...more

25+ Tips & Tricks for Photographing Kids (Free eBook)

I am so excited to share this new ebook with y’all! A few months ago some friends and I were chatting about how hard it is to get great pictures of our kids. I was sharing a few things I have learned and then I thought that it would be nice to have a bunch of tips and tricks in one place ....more

Storytime With Scarlette: Sick Day Edition

This week has been full of snow days and sickness (can you spot the remnants of pink-eye? That was not fun.) Sometimes when I need to get some work done and Scarlette is full of pep, I turn on the webcam and let her record herself telling me stories. This is one of those times ....more

#stuffscarlettesays : Mama Bear

I missed the last two months of posting my Stuff Scarlette Says series so here is an update on some of the things my precocious girl has been saying and doing lately....more

The Fringe Hours: Making Time For You

A little over a year ago my friend Jessica sent me the idea for a book she was developing and wanted to know what I thought. And...more

Scarlette Shenanigans: Consider This Your PSA

The other day I sent Scarlette to her room for “independent play” which is a highly intellectual activity designed to further enhance her developmental stages. (Or basically a thirty minute period of the day where I try to encourage her to stop using me as a climbing gym and indulge myself in seven cups of coffee and a brownie.) I walked her in room to find her playing with her rocketship and noticed a very odd smell. Unfortunately, this is kind of a thing around here as Lucy Dog is getting very, very old and a little bit senile and sometimes tries to sneak in Scarlette’s room and mark her territory in there ....more

The Art of Breaking Bread

It is #throwbackthursday...more

Why Text Messaging Is My Kryptonite

Confession: I hate text messaging. I realize that I am supposed to be of the generation that is all about that text but y’all, I just can’t. I prefer talking on the phone, mostly because I like to hear people’s voices but also because I know exactly when a phone conversation is over on account of how both parties say “goodbye” and then definitively hang up the phone ....more