Chalkboard Art: Perhaps This Is The Moment For Which You Were Created

“Perhaps this is the moment for which you were created” – Esther 4:14 I’ve been playing around with chalkboard art, changing up the quote on the chalkboard in our kitchen each Sunday to an inspirational scripture or saying that I want to reflect on that week. This month I’ve been reading in the book of Esther and I love this verse, the way it is filled with a symphony of strength and hope in a simple sentence. Fun fact: Esther is also the name of my car, which I have had since the year 2000 ....more

A Prematurity Update, Age Four: Her Hands

In November I sat in a blue pleather waiting room chair and filled out a questionnaire designed to determine my daughter’s developmental stage. The language portion I was not worried about, despite the fact that a fairly prominent lisp and tinny, high-pitched voice that came as a result of vocal cord trauma keeps us firmly on the speech therapy lists. Question #4 was “Ask your child to describe an object in the room...more

If You Love All Things DIY, This Is A FANTASTIC Deal: The Ultimate DIY Bundle

I am fairly chooosy about which brands I work with to promote and of all of the affiliate deals that I share, the Ultimate Bundles are one of my favorites. I have been waiting and waiting for this one,...more

Wanderlust: Our Trip + Favorite Things To Do In Chimney Rock, North Carolina

In October my husband and I traveled to Chimney Rock, North Carolina to go rock climbing. We decided to extend our stay for a few days and make it an early anniversary trip. Neither of us had ever been and so we spent a few days exploring Chimney Rock and Asheville ....more

Stories From Sunday School

For Christmas this year my dad made...more

Deep Thoughts About Taylor Swift

Do you know what I like about Taylor Swift? I mean, besides the fact that she writes really catchy songs, possesses an ability to rock red lipstick in a way that I have yet to master and has an instagram account that makes me want to be her best friend in a kind...more

Interpretive Art By My Four Year Old

Scarlette is just starting to draw pictures that are semi-recognizable on account of developmental delays surrounding her fine motor skills, which are largely the result of having her wrists broken while in the NICU at around five months old. (We just restarted occupational therapy again, more on that later.) Her favorite new thing to do is hand me her artwork while declaring it “a masterpiece” and ask me to hang it up. So this was hanging on the refrigerator...more

Giving Back: ePantry Exclusive – A $10 Credit + Free Mrs. Meyers Dish Soap For You & $15 For CHOA!

One of my goals for 2015 is to be able to use this space for more good works. I found that over the past year the campaigns that I have enjoyed the most are the ones that let me give back and this one is pretty fun for everyone and helps out a great cause that is close to my heart. A couple of months ago...more