Christmas for two?

For me, Christmas has always been about loud and joyous gatherings of relatives.  We are not churchy people, my family, and my husband calls himself an evangelical atheist.  So our Christmases have been about generosity, sharing, gratitude and loved ones.  Oh, and lots and lots of food. This year is different.  Our family is on the other side of the country and we won't be going home.  We have celebrated other Christmas's away, but this year our friends have scattered to the four winds.  In all probability, my husband and I will celebrate this Christmas alone. ...more

See who among your friends or co-workers who might want to join you.

One friend has ...more

So what? My new blog

I am experiencing a season of change.  I’m exploring sides of my self long-neglected, like my writer-self, my tree-climbing self.  Maybe even my teacher self?  I wanted to keep this momentum of change and bring more intention to my day-to-day. So I started a new blog.  ...more

Sometimes writting/typing :) our thoughts relieves pressure off our creative button. ...more

A letter to my body: Thanks for the calluses

Dear Body, I can't believe that after nearly 30 years together, I've never written you a love letter. I call myself a romantic, but I've never taken the time to acknowledge all you do for me, and how closely our fates are entwined. ...more

I must admit, everytime we go climbing outdoors, we stop ...more