Greek Quiche

Ok, quiche is French but I used non fat Greek yogurt as the quiche base rather than crème fresh or heavy cream; hence Greek Quiche.  You end up with a lighter and definitely healthier version of a traditional quiche.  Once you start using non fat Greek yogurt I don’t think you will ever go back.  The quiche choices are endless so use your family favorites, what is in season or even sneak some veggies in without the kids knowing.   ...more

Pizzazz Pizza

  Have you ever seen the mozzarella logs that are rolled with prosciutto in your local markets?  If you have, buy one and use it to make the best pizza you will ever have!  Big statement right?...more

I have bought one of those logs before but I never thought of putting it on pizza. ...more

Strawberries All Day

What’s your first thought when you think of strawberries?  Strawberry Shortcake?  Strawberry Daiquiri?...more

Real Women of Philadelphia Season 2 Host Search is ON right NOW and You could have a $25,000 Contract!

I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of 4 Real Women of Philadelphia hosts in June 2010.  Season 2 has just started and this amazing opportunity is just waiting for YOU if you love to interact with home cooks and cook yourself! Here we are in Savannah creating cooking videos for the Real Women of Philadelphia! Having the ...more

Caribbean Shrimp & Scallops with Yellow and Red Pepper Lime Salsa

For some reason I’ve been feeling like it should be vacation time; maybe it’s the warm weather?  Unfortunately the reality is this is not, nor will it be anytime soon, the moment for a vacation!  I had picked up some lovely cherry tomatoes, red and green peppers, limes and cucumbers at the farmers market that were sitting in my veggie basket waiting…suddenly I thought; what about salsa!  A Caribbean inspired salsa!  At least we could eat like we were on vacation……. So I popped up to the market and picked up a few fresh shrimp, scallops and fresh white cor...more

Spoiled Daughter Sandwich

Yes I admit up front that I spoil my daughter Marina.  Can’t help it, I adore her and she is so sweet it’s easy to go that extra step.  When she was little and had sleepovers I’d bring the girls breakfast in bed; usually pancakes.  When we moved to Florida, her bedroom was right next to the kitchen so school mornings I’d wake her up with a bowl of cereal in hand.  Now that she is a senior in high school and has a very...more

Beyond the Marguerite Pizza

Beyond the Marguerite Pizza The combination of fresh tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and pesto just happens to be my daughter Marina’s favorite pizza.  So simple and tasty; always one of the pizzas I serve on pizza night.  Oh I should explain pizza night, shouldn’t I?  Well at least once a month I make a batch of pizza dough or two...more

F'esto Winter/Spring Roasted Soup

  It may be the first week of spring but it still is snowing in some areas and raining in others!  So I’ve been in a bit of a quandary with dinner menus.  I’m in the mood for salads and springtime lighter fare….but at the same time some of the best produce at the market is still rather wintery....more

Quinoa, Bok Choy & Leeks

The Incas may have called it "chisaya mama" or mother of all grains!...more

Croquettes aux Crevettes

With the availability of fresh shrimp in our local markets, Croquettes aux Crevettes or Shrimp Cakes in English, you can treat your family or guests to these delights any time you please! I’ve presented the croquettes here as an appetizer but you can certainly shape them into small balls, fry ahead of time and reheat for 12 minutes in a 300 degree oven and pass to your guests on a platter with decorative toothpicks as handles....more