What I’m Reading – February 2015

This month was ...more

Spicy Cabbage with an Egg on Top

There are times when I’m a fancy cook. ...more

Valentine’s Day Modern Flower Arrangement Tutorial

If there’s any day of the year when you should say it with flowers, it’s Valentine’s Day. ...more

What I’m Reading: January 2015

It’s no secret that I’m a big bookworm. ...more

Game Day Eats for Your Super Bowl Party

It’s almost Super Bowl Sunday, and whether you’re a Patriot or a Hawk, a Westerner or a New Englander, a football fan or … not – we can all agree on one thing – food. ...more

Spinach Sweet Potato Soup

I’ve officially decided I need more soups in my repertoire. ...more

Book Review: The Secrets of Happy Families

It’s January, and I can’t be the only person looking for inspiration. ...more

4 for ’14 – a Year in Review

On the last day of the year I like to take stock of the year behind me. It’s been a big year here on The Domestic Front – with a rebranding, a redesign, and newly launched newsletter. It’s also been a big year on my domestic front – with a 2 year old and a second grader, a husband in trial (as the lawyer, not the defendant), a job, a dog, a broken refrigerator … life has been very full, but mostly sweet ....more

Whole Wheat Anise Cookies

We have a holiday party every December for our friends and neighbors. I make (too many) hors d’oeuvres, we served mulled wine for the grownups and hot cider for the kids, the grownups chat and the kids go wild, and everyone brings cookies. Holding the party as a cookie exchange is a fun way to let everyone bring something, the kids love a tableful of cookies, and I get to discover new cookie recipes every year ....more