My First catch- Elimination Communication

After taking a little break from elimination communication over the weekend, this morning I was determined to get my son to his baby bjorn little potty first thing in the morning.  I knew this would be my best chance to catch a pee, since he normally pees as soon as he wakes up. He woke up at 8:30.  I heard the rustling, so I ran into his room and promptly undressed him.  He was airlifted to the little potty, which I had set up this morning.  A Sham Wow had been placed underneath, just in case. ...more

How to get your Husband to Cloth Diaper

Getting your husband (or Significant other) to change a dirty diaper, let alone a cloth diaper, is a challenge for some moms and moms to be. The general population is unaware of the "modern" cloth diaper. I remember when I first told my husband I wanted to CD his response was, "Then you will be changing all of the diapers." And honestly at the time I was ok with that. I would have rather changed them all myself than use disposables. ...more

How to be Green and Save Green

A lot of people have the misconception that to be Green is expensive.  You have to buy organic food, clothing made from natural fibers, and expensive hybrid vehicles.  In some ways it can add up! ...more

The Lorax By Dr. Seuss- Why you should read it to your kids!

If you are a green mommy, you must own this book! This is one of the stories I enjoy reading to my son most; and it is guaranteed to get a tear or two. ...more