Announce it with Red Pants

I affectionately refer to my left ovary as "Hotep Lefty". For those of you who do not remember, "Hotep Hepty" was the good luck charm that Gidget used on her trip to Hawaii, so she didn't fall off her surf board. Hotep Lefty usually gifts me with not having to bleed on her month of service (Go Lefty!), but I do get to experience all the wonder of PMDD. (No, Lefty!) Tonight I feel as if I am being double whammied, because Lefty decided I get to have BOTH this month....more

Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Cleavage?

Please watch the following ads: That was hot, but did it have too much cleavage? Now watch this ad.....more

Logan's Run & Closing Ceremonies

"God, anthems are windy!", my husband Jay said as we were watching the closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics. I had my nose glued to Geekologie on the laptop, so I wasn't really paying attention and said, "is that Oh Canada again?...more